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Downloads [Download Movie Info Screen]
File Name: Movie Info Screen (1.43 MB) Download
Author: jaminben (Uploaded by jaminben)
Date Added: 12-08-2008
Downloads: 2474
Reason for release is to support the new Pheonix api's and fanart folders. IMDB covers are no longer supported.

Movie Info Screen now replaced with Advanced Movie Info Screen.

Version: Advanced_Movie_Info_Screen_V.2.0a_03.xml
Date of Release: 30 March 2009

Works with:

SageTV V6 5 12
SageMC 6.3.9
Java Version 6 update 11

Discussion forum can be found Here
Details of changes can be found Here


Install Instructions:

This import will not import on top of a previous install of Advanced Movie Info Screen - so start with a version of SageMC that doesn't have the Movie Info Screen already imported.

Shut down the Sage UI.


Extract all files in this package into your SageTV folder (eg. C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV). Make sure to extract while preserving the directory structure.
start Sage UI.

In SageMC, goto My Menu -> Settings, and select "Import STVi" and import the "Advanced_Movie_Info_Screen_V.1.0a_**" file.

Next goto My Menu -> Settings -> SageMC -> Main -> Screen Specific Options -> Video Library -> Custom Programme Info Screen. Find "AMIS" in the list and select it.


This release contains many enhancements which allow the user to customize the way the UI looks and reacts from cover art animations to text color. If you don't want the hassle of setting all the options manually you can use any of the nine premade screen layouts.
Other enhancments over previous versions include the use of .my data, custom keys & external media players.

As usual I'd advise making a backup before you try my import and I make no guarantees that this import wont break your working SageTV setup.

Thanks goes out to MeinMaui, Gplasky, Brent & those who helped on the forums
Thanks also to babgvant for hosting the changes text file and any future beta versions
imageone_Kvz.jpg by jaminben on 02-12-2009
imagetwo_xQ4.jpg by jaminben on 02-12-2009
imagethree_O60.jpg by jaminben on 02-12-2009
imagefour_585.jpg by jaminben on 02-12-2009
Downloads [Download Movie Info Screen]

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