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Downloads [Download iMovies v1.2 import for Default STV]
File Name: iMovies v1.2 import for Default STV (1.88 MB) Download
Author: Tiki (Uploaded by Tiki)
Date Added: 01-11-2010
Downloads: 904
iMovies v1.2 for Default STV
by TiKi

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>>Latest Version: v1.2
>>Last Updated: 2010-01-17

This is a port of the iMovies for SageMC import that was originally written by JVL711. This version has been converted to work with the Default SageTV3.XML STV.

This is an alternate Video Library screen that is highly customizable.

Options Brings up the display options and other behavioral options
Up Arrow Brings up the filtering options
Down Arrow Brings up the alpha numeric index search
Info Brings up the detailed info screen for the selected media file
Select Same as Info
Left/Right Arrow Scrolls through the video library
PageUp/PageDown Scrolls through the video library by the number of displayed icons (A Whole Page)
ChannelUp/ChannelDown Same as PageUp/PageDown


  1. Shut down SageTV (including the Sage Service).
  2. Unzip the iMovies zip file into the "<Sage Install Directory>\SageTV\" folder (be sure to preserve the directory structure). I have included several JAR files with this import, some of which are also distributed with other imports. If you already have some of the same JAR files, keep whichever is the newest.
  3. Re-start SageTV.
  4. Go to the Manage STVI Imports under Setup->Detailed Setup->Advanced and add this import, then choose force rebuild.
  5. You will need to use the Dynamic Menus import to make the iMovies menu visible. Choose add internal screen and look for "iMovies". Note, screens are in alphabetical order uppercase first (A-Z, followed by a-z), so iMovies will be near the bottom of the list.

Revision History:

v1.0 (2009-03-30)
  • Initial Release by TiKi
  • Based on iMovies_v1.xml import for SageMC (by jvl711)
  • Ported to run as an import to the Standard SageTV3.xml
  • requires gkusnick.sagetv.jar installed in ..\SageTV\JARs\ folder

v1.1 (2010-01-11)

  • Now use Phoenix-style fan art if possible for movie icon (search order = Phoenix Poster, Phoenix Background, Sage Default Thumbnail, Generic DVD Icon).
  • For Phoenix images, use default image (currently first image found alphabetically by image filename).
  • Updated to include new features from jvl711's iMovies v1.2 (Basic Panels, USer Ratings, Media Icons)
  • Fixed some display issues with the options dialog boxes, including checkmark buttons andbroken image links.
  • Fixed the Import/Export features.
  • Now include additional support files with import (2 new folders called iMoviesImages and iMoviesLayouts, located in ..\SageTV\STVs\Sage3\SageMCE\, contain graphics and sample layouts).
  • Replaced "\\" in file paths with java_io_File_separator constant, which should allow import to work on Linux and Mac.
  • Added display of iMovies stvi rev number to the Options menu.
  • Updated which JAR files are included:
    • added: imageutils.jar - for reflections;
    • added: sagemc.jar - for importing layouts;
    • added: phoenix.jar - to locate fanart for posters and backgrounds and also for image scaling;
    • removed: gkusnick.saget.jar - no longer required (was for STVi importing);

v1.2 (2010-01-16)

  • Fixed the "Play" listener in the main iMovies screen (pressing play should start playing the selected movie immediately in full-screen mode.
  • Added a listener for the "Play/Pause" command to the main iMovies screen (does the same thing as the "Play" command).
imovies-classicreflection_nBb.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-classicreflection-wtitle_bV3.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-details_127.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-details-wtitle_7B9.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-fanart_706.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-fanart-wtitle_NGY.jpg by Tiki on 01-11-2010
imovies-quicknav_6fl.jpg by Tiki on 01-17-2010
imovies-filterscreen_878.jpg by Tiki on 01-17-2010
imovies-optionsmenu_6So.jpg by Tiki on 01-17-2010
imovies-importlayout_7b3.jpg by Tiki on 01-17-2010
imovies-customizeiconlayout_VSg.jpg by Tiki on 01-17-2010
Downloads [Download iMovies v1.2 import for Default STV]

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