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Downloads [Download Sage Retro Theme & STV for SageMC]
File Name: Sage Retro Theme & STV for SageMC (Unknown Size) Download
Author: Gerry (Big Gerr) (Uploaded by gplasky)
Date Added: 10-14-2006
Downloads: 2101
My first STV for SageTV.
Sage Retro is a Theme and STV for SageMC. Based on an xmbc theme that the author has released the graphics for free use. Original graphics by me.

1) Download zip file from this page
2) Extract the zip file in the root folder of your sageTV installation (....Program Files\SageTv\SageTv)
3) While SageTV (and service if used) are not running open the or
4) Find the lines with ui/themes/... and add the following 2 lines (replace the 5 with the next theme index, might be 7 or 8?...):
5) Start Sage and go to Detailed Settings->Select Retro theme and apply the Retro selection.
6)Now choose retro_11.xml in the detailed setup screen under the "Load SageTV Application Package (*.xml)" option.

For it to work as designed there are a few settings you'll want to change from your default SageMC.
Disable all animations.
Set clock to Date and Time

This is based on flachbar's latest SageMC 6.13a. I was inspired by Morgan111's iTV theme and thus stole some of his instructions and the general theme and STV format.

This is a work in progress. No warranties expressed or implied. I'll take suggestions but this will be a hobby, not a profession. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve to. More to come.

retro_p28.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
tv_v1g.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
videos_8a3.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
music_JtR.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
pictures_7d8.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
weather_m86.jpg by gplasky on 10-15-2006
dscn0742_K7S.jpg by gplasky on 07-15-2011
dscn0743_OP2.jpg by gplasky on 07-15-2011
Downloads [Download Sage Retro Theme & STV for SageMC]

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