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Downloads [Download nBlue Theme for SageMC]
File Name: nBlue Theme for SageMC (6.07 MB) Download
Author: bialio (Uploaded by bialio)
Date Added: 11-13-2008
Downloads: 2558
nBlue for SageMC

This theme is for SageMC version 6.3.8 or later. It is not guaranteed to work on earlier versions of SageMC!!!!

Included are a few different backgrounds, layout files, and a Dynamic Menu file that will save some work getting the icons assigned.

Credits :

Icons included with this theme are mostly from the meediosCHROME skin - read all about it here!

Installation :

1) Unzip into your SageTV install folder. On most Windows machines, this will be C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV

2) From SageMC, select and apply the "nBlue" theme from the Theme Selection menu.

3) (Optional) To install the layouts, from the Main Menu bring up the Options menu, and select "Customize Screen Layout", select "Import/Export Layout", select "Import All", then navigate to the nBlue folder and select "nBlue.full.layout"

4) (Optional) To install the provided menu file, from the Main Menu bring up the Options menu, select "Main Menu Options", then "File...", then select "Load other menu file...", and enter in nBlue_menu.xml via keyboard or remote.

Discussion thread is here.

ss_main_Vdf.jpg by bialio on 11-13-2008
Downloads [Download nBlue Theme for SageMC]

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The download directory is not writeable!