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File Name: Restricted Access STV Import (387.3 KB) Download
Author: tmiranda (Uploaded by tmiranda)
Date Added: 08-25-2009
Downloads: 630
If you are looking for a way to prevent what actions placeshifter, extender or client users can perform, look no further. This STVi allows you to password-restrict option changes, configuration changes, recording schedule modifications and file deletions.

Each of these restrictions are independently controlled. So, for example, you can allow placeshifter users to view recordings and change the options that effect their placeshifter UI while restricting the placeshifter users from creating new recordings or modifying settings that effect all placeshifters/clients/extenders. You can also dis-allow extenders from accidentally changing settings that ought not be touched. (Having kids I know what a few errant remote-control presses can do!)

v1.2 Enhancements:
  • Now has the ability to assign actions to categories. So now if you think that watching live TV should have "Local" privileges and setting the "Don't Like" status should have "Server" privileges you can set it as you like.
  • Added the "None" category for actions that you do not want to restrict.
  • Now has the ability to rename the 4 privilege levels to anything you like. If you think Server Config, Local Config, Record and Delete are inappropriate names you can call them Supervisor, User, Son and Daughter.

v1.1 Enhancements:
  1. There is now a User Interface that allows configuration without editing .properties files.
  2. Each "restriction category" now has a "Duration" associated with it which controls how often users are prompted for passwords. It can be set to "Always", "Once" or a user-specified number of minutes.
  3. Eliminated need to stop/start Sage.
  4. Passwords are now hidden when entered.

To install:
  1. Download and unzip the STVi to the SageTV\SageTV\STVs\STV3 directory.
  2. Import the STVi. Note that there is no need to stop/start Sage.
  3. A new item titled "Manage STV Permissions" will be added to the Setup -> Detailed Setup -> Server menu. Go there to configure the permissions.
  4. If you are upgrading from v1.0 you should first stop Sage and delete all of the lines beginning with "rra/" from the .properties file(s).
  5. You should also put these lines in the file named C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\ so any new extenders that are connected or placeshifter users that log in from different locations inherit the appropriate restrictions. Note that this file is overwritten each time you reinstall Sage so you will have to re-add these lines after each re-install or upgrade. (You WILL need to stop Sage before editing this file.)


  1. From the configuration pop-up, click on the "Disabled" button to toggle between Enabling and Disabling the STVi.
  2. When Enabled you will see three columns: Category, Status and Duration.
  3. Click on the items under the Category column to change the password for each category (Server Configuration, Local Configuration, Record, Delete).
  4. Once granted "Delete" privileges the user will be able to delete recordings and other media types.
  5. Once granted "Record" privileges the user will be able to setup recordings, modify recording schedules, modify favorites and watch live TV. (Watching Live TV is considered to be creating a "recording.")
  6. Once granted "Local Config" privileges the user will be able to change configuration items that only effect the current client/placeshifter/extender.
  7. Once granted "Server Config" privileges the user will be able to change configuration items that effect ALL clients/placeshifters/extenders.
  8. Passwords can be the same or different for each category. If they are the same the user will be granted access to functions in that category if ANY of the other categories with a matching password have access.
  9. The Status column Enables or Disables password checking on a particular category.
  10. The Duration column specifies how often passwords are checked. It can be set to "Always", "Once" or for a specified number of minutes after successfully entering the password. (Useful if you want to "unlock" a STV for a few minutes while you make changes then automatically "relock" it when complete.)

  1. Passwords are not encrypted so browsing the filesystem will require the Server Config password to be entered. If this import is being used on a SageClient it will be pretty easy for a moderately knowledgeable person to get around the password protection, so use it at your own risk.
  2. There are no restrictions on setting and unsetting the "watched" status of recordings or videos.
  3. There are no restrictions on playlist manipulations.
  4. If you use other STVi's the functions they provide will not be restricted. If you would like me to provide an STVi that "restricts" a particular other STVi let me know and I'll try to accomodate you.

If you intend to use this to restrict placeshifter users:

This is slightly more complicated because you must use a client (or the server UI) to create an STV that will become the default STV for a placeshifter user.
  1. Download and unzip the STVi to the SageTV\SageTV\STVs\STV3 directory.
  2. Import the STVi.
  3. Rename the STV with the import to a user-friendly name. Probably the easiest way to do this is to stop the client (or server) you are using to create the STV and look in the SageTV\SageTV\STVs\STV3 directory for the newest file named something like "SageTV3_withimports_..." Rename that to something like "SageTV3-for-placeshifter.xml".
  4. Don't forget to edit the file as mentioned above!
  5. Use the normal process to assign the newly created STV as the default STV for placeshifter users. (Setup->Detailed Setup->Server->Manage Placeshifter Users. Click on the user name and change the default STV to the one you just created and renamed.)

Support here:

options_26J.jpg by tmiranda on 03-03-2010
actions to categogies_AmO.jpg by tmiranda on 03-03-2010
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Downloads [Download Restricted Access STV Import]

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