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Downloads [Download Comskip Playback for Default STV v1.5.4]
File Name: Comskip Playback for Default STV v1.5.4 (115.5 KB) Download
Author: JREkiwi (Uploaded by JREkiwi)
Date Added: 01-16-2007
Downloads: 9672
An importable module for SageTV Default STV version 5 and 6 that adds support for reading the edl or txt files generated by comskip or showanalyzer and skipping commercial breaks during playback

This module DOES NOT run comskip or showanalyzer itself: you will need to do that manually, or use a tool such as DirMon or Comskip Monitor

As it is an evolution of previous versions of Comskip Playback, any feature available previously, but no longer working could be considered a bug.

The current version is Comskip Playback 1.5.4 (30 August 2008)

See Forums Thread for more info


The df_sageutils.jar file included requires Java 1.6. A version of df_sageutils.jar that will work with Java 1.4 - 1.6 can be downloaded from here.


- Option for using Left/Right buttons for Custom 4/5 function
- Option to Enable/Disable ToxMox marker icons for airings
- Option to Enable/Disable marker icons for airings without comskip files
- Fix for icons showing on clients when they shouldn't. This is the only change from 1.2.3
- Changed size of Setup Options so the panel fits on an MVP
- Added function to optionally run and pass parameters to an application/script when a video is watched
- Changed the Start on Watch Options layout
- Fix loading on Version 5
- Support for SageTV V6.1.3 Release Candidate
- Fix deleting comskip files when video is deleted
- Changes to Comskip Icon code
- Added Option to display timeline when skipping
- Added new ToxMox marker icons
- Changes to Skip delays to allow negative delay (start or stop skip earlier)
- Added option to manually run comskip on a video
- Fix left skip not returning to skip point and then autoskipping when it shouldn't
- Changed left/right skip to not skip when Video Info is being displayed (Video Info also uses left/right to toggle on/off so was toggling info on/off as well as skipping)
- Fix imported videos not displaying titles on options panel (regression from 1.3.6)
- Enable/Disable Autoskip from a playing video's options panel will now only Enable/Disable Autoskip while that video is playing
- Removed the left/right skip block if Video Info was displayed and stop info toggling
- Added Marker icons to Version 6 Browser view
- Change Marker position on Sage Recordings
- New Option in More Options for left/right handling when Video Info is showing. Allow skipping (1.4.0 style) or block skipping (1.3.8 style)
- Fix left skip not disabling autoskip
- Added configuration option for default setting to show/not show extended OSD Info
- Support for SageTV 6.2
- Support for SageTV 6.2.5
- Added support for SageTV 6.2 themes for marker icons
- Support for SageTV 6.2.6 and hopefully fixed for future changes
- Fixed marker icons placement when "Show recording status marker icons in lists" is disabled
- Added toggling of Autoskip on/off via a key defined as Custom2
- Added option for larger OSD progress indicator
- Added option of different color commercial blocks when autoskip is turned off
- Removed the option for transparent markers
- Fixed image definitions for markers.
- Removed restriction of only working on .mpg .avi .ts (should work on any video file that has a comskip file)
- Fix file naming so should now work on linux
- Support SageTV 6.3
- Add additional debug logging
- Fix Detailed Info toggling in SageTV 6.3
- Changes to be more compatible with the L/R arrows in the MiniGuide import (Install this import after the MiniGuide import)
- Change when playback starts in a commercial block to skip to the end of the block
- Change to not skip to the end of the commercial block when FF/RW into a commercial block
- Fix not showing icons in imported videos in SageTV 6.3.10
- Added option to not autoskip on commercials smaller than the specified size
- Fix not disabling autoskip when left arrow skip or FF/RW into a commercial block in pre-show padding
- Fix for not deleting comskip files when a video is deleted in SageTV 6.4 and changes for file extension case in ShowAnalyzerSuite
- Reduced the amount of logging done by default with an option to enable full debug logging.

See Forums Thread for more info
cs_8BS.png by JREkiwi on 03-30-2007
csopt_2ya.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-07-2007
csopt2_qH4.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-07-2007
csmopt_CIm.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-07-2007
csmcs_rpQ.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-07-2007
cs1_eHv.jpg by JREkiwi on 07-04-2009
cs2_yP3.jpg by JREkiwi on 07-04-2009
Downloads [Download Comskip Playback for Default STV v1.5.4]

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