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Downloads [Download Phoenix Fanart for the Default STV]
File Name: Phoenix Fanart for the Default STV (132.9 KB) Download
Author: tmiranda (Uploaded by tmiranda)
Date Added: 08-02-2009
Downloads: 999
This is a port of Tiki's "Fanart for the Default STV" that now utilizes the Phoenix Fanart API. You MUST install the Batch Metadata Tool (from stuckless) and import the BMI Tools STVi (from Tiki) BEFORE you import this or bad things will happen.

To install this STVi, just put the .stvi in your ../SageTV/SageTV/STVs/SageTV3 directory and import it. MAKE SURE the BMI Tools STVi and BMT are installed before this STVi. (See instructions below.)

Once you have imported the STVi you can configure things in the Setup->Detailed Setup Metadata / Fanart panel.

Some notes:

- Place your Genre fanart in CENTRAL_FOLDER/Genres/genre_name/Banners and CENTRAL_FOLDER/Genre/genre_name/Backgrounds where genre_name corresponds to a valid Sage Category or SubCategory. You can have as many background and banner images as you like. Genre posters are not currently supported.

- Place your Actor fanart in CENTRAL_FOLDER/Actors/actor_name. You can have as many actor images as you like.

- Place your music fanart backgrounds in CENTRAL_FOLDER/Music where each .jpg corresponds to a band name.

Support here:

Installation summary:

- Note: This STVi requires build 57 or later of the phoenix APIs. As of this posting stuckless' Batch Metadata Tool comes with an earlier version of the phoenix APIs so installing this STVi requires updating the phoenix APIs. Once stuckless updates the Batch Metadata Tool to use the latest phoenix API this step will not be necessary.

- Download Tiki's BMITools from here:

- Download the latest Batch Matadata Tool from here: Make sure you go to the LAST POST to get the latest release.

- Download the Jetty starter from here:

- The STVi requires build 57 (or later) of the phoenix APIs. Download from here: As of this posting build 57 is still beta so check here to see if there is a later build:

- Shutdown Sage completely.

- Unzip all of the above packages per their instructions. (Usually c:/Program Files/SageTV/SageTV). Make sure you unzip the phoenix APIs AFTER you unzip stuckless' Batch MetaData Tool.

- Edit the file (in the install directory) to select an available port. Edit the line that reads "jetty.port=xxxx". If you are using neilm's web server make sure you do not use the same port.

- Edit the file. Find the line that reads: "load_at_startup_runnable_classes=" and add "sagex.jetty.starter.Main". If there is already something on that line add the jetty entry at the end and separate it with a semicolon.

- Add the following two lines to the file:
- Restart Sage. Import Tiki's BMITools STVi. There is no need to import stuckless' Metadata Tool STVi.

If you've done everything correctly you should be able to access the BMT web-based configuration via your browser by entering http://COMPUTER:####/bmt where COMPUTER is the name of the computer (or IP address) where you installed BMT and #### is the port number you specified in the file.

If you are using a SageClient you DO need to install Tiki's BMITools STVi on the client as well as the server but you do NOT need to install the jetty starter on the client. You also do NOT need to add anything into the .properties file.

The only setting that you MUST set is the fanart central folder location. You can do that via the web interface or Sage. (Go to Setup->Detailed Setup and you will see a new "Metadata / Fanart" entry on the left side.) I'd recommend using a UNC path (//COMPUTERNAME/...) to point to the central fanart folder instead of an absolute path (C:/...).

After setting the central fanart folder you will probably want to use the web interface to do a scan to get all of the latest fanart. If you have a large collection the scan can be slow but your patience will be rewarded.

Version History:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a null pointer exception.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a "spinning circle" if no fanart was found.

  • Requires phoenix API build 57 which can be found here:
  • Requires TiKi's BMITools STVi instead of stuckless' MetaDataFanartTools STVi.
  • Added support for Genres. Note that if you create folders called CENTRALFOLDER/Genre/Default/Banners and CENTRALFOLDER/Genre/Default/Backgrounds and then place images in them, all of your shows will have fanart.
  • Added support for Actors. If no images "phoenix" images or "Tiki" images are found, it will try to display actor images as a background.
  • Extends Tiki's BMITools to support the viewing and editing of Actor images as well as Category and SubCategory Genre images.
  • Experimental Feature: If you set the property pffd/advanced_matching to true it will try to find background images that contain the title of the show. For example, if the show title is "Marry Poppins" it will match things like "marypoppins.jpg", "marypoppins-Hi-Res.jpg", and "Mary Poppins 1080.jpg".

  • Better menu titles for DVD and BluRay discs.
  • Better error handling.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the STV to revert back to version 2009072401.

  • If a poster or background fanart image is available it will display it in the thumbnail area.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the show title to not be completely displayed if no banner was available.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented BluRay disc fanart from being properly displayed.
  • Added support to display random banner (if available) while browsing the program guide.
  • If no phoenix background or Tiki background is found it will now look for phoenix posters and use those as a background.
  • Added support for Default backgrounds. If no backgrounds or posters are found it will use images stored in CENTRAL_FOLDER/Genres/Default as backgrounds.

  • If no Phoenix backgrounds are found it will now look for backgrounds in same locations as Tiki's import before defaulting to the Genre background.
  • If there are multiple phoenix banners or backgrounds a random one will be displayed every 5 seconds.

  • Fixed bug that caused some backgrounds to be black.
  • If no Phoenix banners are found it will now look for banners in same locations as Tiki's import before defaulting to Genre banner.

  • Initial release

pffd 1.3_VuO.jpg by tmiranda on 09-16-2009
Downloads [Download Phoenix Fanart for the Default STV]

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