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Downloads [Download STV Import: Online Cleanup]
File Name: STV Import: Online Cleanup (19.5 KB) Download
Author: tmiranda (Uploaded by tmiranda)
Date Added: 04-18-2010
Downloads: 601
If you frequently use the Online Services available in Sage you will notice that your temporary directory tends to get full of files that start with OnlineVideo and .rsslib4j. Sage is supposed to cleanup after itself but under some circumstances it is not able to do so. This STVi allows you to either manually, or periodically at user-defined intervals, delete these temporary files that are no longer needed.

To install:
  • No need to stop Sage, just unzip to your install directory (usually C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV).
  • Import in the usual manner.


Once imported navigate to Setup->Detailed Setup->Customize->Online Video Options. Select "Configure" and you will notice "Automatic Cleanup". Select "Configure" and the options menu will be displayed.

Explanation of Options:
  • Enable Automatic Cleanup - Enables or disables the automatic periodic cleanup of all temporary files that begin with "OnlineVideo" and are older than the minimum age. If you use multiple extenders and/or placeshifters you should only enable this on one of them. Enabling this on more than one will not cause any harm but it will consume more memory and CPU cycles on your server.
  • Cleanup RSS Temp Items - If enabled all temporary files that begin with ".rsslib4jbug" will be cleaned up as long as they are older than the minimum age.
  • Minimum Age Before Deleting - Any files newer than this age will not be deleted.
  • Time Between Checks - If Enable Automatic Cleanup is Enabled, this is the number of hours that the STVi will wait before checking for old files again.
  • Time Since Last Run - The number of hours since the STVi has checked for old files.
  • Cleanup Now - Selecting this will manually run the cleanup. The numbers in the parentheses are the number of temporary OnlineVideo files and temporary RSS files that will be cleaned up.

Sometimes after running an automatic or manual cleanup you will notice that the number of old items is not 0. This is normal. When Sage creates these temporary files it keeps track of them which causes them to become locked and then deletes them when Sage exits. (Actually when the Java Virtual Machine exits.) So if all goes as planned the temporary items are deleted automatically each time Sage exits. When things do not go as planned this STVi cleans up the mess.

If you are using PlayOn and the Hulu plugin you may notice that temporary items also buld up in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MediaMall\Media\<IP>\ subdirectory and in your Temporary Internet Files subdirectory. This STVi does NOT cleanup those places since, in general, PlayOn cleans up after itself pretty well.

Support here:
detailedsetup_oRo.jpg by tmiranda on 04-18-2010
optionsmenu_37o.jpg by tmiranda on 04-18-2010
Downloads [Download STV Import: Online Cleanup]

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