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Downloads [Download SageRemap]
File Name: SageRemap (10.5 KB) Download
Author: Fuzzy (Uploaded by Fuzzy)
Date Added: 11-11-2010
Downloads: 623
DISCLAIMER: This is a proof of concept level ALPHA tool. I'm not responsible for any damage it may cause! It requires admin permissions, and will delete the entire folder that it gets pointed at, so make sure it is only pointed at a folder used only for this purpose.

SageRemap is a utility I've cooked up to aid in accessing the SageTV Recordings from outside sage, in a more user friendly way. What it does, is create a folder hiearchy, containing Symbolic Links to the recordings. It will create a folder for each Show, and a link to each episode in that folder. You can then navigate the folder structure, or, what I made it for, point something like Orb at it to allow streaming from mobile devices.

Because it uses NTFS symlinks, it requires Vista or Win7. Also, because it uses the symlinks, it also requires to be run as administrator (since MS locks out Symlink creation). Also, it requires .NET 4 (simply because that's what I wrote it with - VS2010). It also requires the SageTV Web UI to be up and running, as this is where it grabs the list of recordings from.

The zip file contains 3 files. A single .DLL (used for creating the symlinks), a single .EXE (the program itself), and a .BAT (used for configuring the options, and launching the .EXE. I have some default parameters in the .bat file, and it will likely work out of the box for most (if run on the sage server directly). It is originally set up to access the web server at localhost:8080, using sage:frey as the credentials, and put the symlink collection in C:\SageVD\RecordedTV. (I then pointed ORB at C:\SageVD).

I have this set up as a Windows Scheduled Task to be run nightly (set to run at highest permissions, so the symlink permissions work). Though it's only been running a night or two as of this writing - it seems to be working okay.

This is very early in development, and it is more to figure out if the symlink redirection works for a majority of people. There is no error handling at this point... it's all VERY crude.

Still, I'd like to see if anyone ends up using this.
Downloads [Download SageRemap]

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