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Downloads [Download STV Import: EZOnline Definitions]
File Name: STV Import: EZOnline Definitions (27.8 KB) Download
Author: tmiranda (Uploaded by tmiranda)
Date Added: 03-22-2010
Downloads: 631
If you are feeble minded like me and think it is difficult to add Podcasts (or Hulu shows playable with evilpenguin's plugin) to Sage's Online Services menu, this STVi is for you.

To Install:
  • Stop SageTV and the SageTV service.
  • Unzip the attached file to the SageTV install directory (usually C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV).
  • Import the STVi in the usual manner.

Once installed you will see a new directory named "EZOnline" under ..\SageTV\SageTV\STV\STVs\SageTV3. This is where the .properties files are stored that contain the information needed to add Podcasts to Sage's Online Services menu. You can have as many .properties files as you want in the directory as long as each one starts with "EZOnline".

Edit the properties file with your favorite text editor. The following is the contents of the file and explains the syntax:
# This is a template for creating definitions for Podcast feeds that you want to appear in in the
# Online Services menu of SageTV using the EZOnline STVi.
# Roots are the items that initially appear in the Online Services menu.  Make sure that:
#   - each root starts with "ez"
#   - each root is separated by a comma ","
#   - do not put any spaces in the string
#   - roots are case sensitive so ezThisRoot is NOT the same as ezthisroot
# In this example "Barret Jackson", "F1 On Speed" and "The Discovery Channel" will appear in the Online Service menu.

# For each root you need to define:
#   - /Name=The text that appears in the Online Services Menu.
#   - /Feed=The URL where the podcast can be found (or the external definition, see below.)
#   - /Branches=the "ez" items that should appear when you select this item from the Online Services menu.
#         - each branch must start with "ez".
#         - do not put any spaces in the string
#   Note that you should have either /Feed or /Branches defined but not both.
#   Also note that everything is case sensitive.

# Example of how to define a simple podcast.
ezBarretJackson/Name=Barret Jackson (EZ)

ezFormula1/Name=F1 on Speed (EZ)

# Example of how to define a "tree" for The Discovery Channel.  You will see The Discovery Channel on the Online
# Services menu.  When you select "Discovery Channel" you will then see "Full Episodes". When you select Full Episodes you
# will see "American Loggers", "MythBusters" and "Treasure Quest".
# This also shows how to define feeds from Hulu that are playable using PlayOn and EvilPenguin's "UPnP2Podcast".
ezDiscovery/Name=Discovery Channel (EZ)

ezDiscoveryFullEpisodes/Name=Full Episodes

ezAmericanLoggers/Name=American Loggers
ezAmericanLoggers/Feed=external,UPnP2Podcast,PlayOn:Discovery Channel:Full Episodes:American Loggers:+2

ezMythBusters/Feed=external,UPnP2Podcast,PlayOn:Discovery Channel:Full Episodes:MythBusters:+2

ezTreasureQuest/Name=Treasure Quest
ezTreasureQuest/Feed=external,UPnP2Podcast,PlayOn:Discovery Channel:Full Episodes:Treasure Quest:+2

# That's it!

Support here:
screenshot_V9b.jpg by tmiranda on 03-22-2010
Downloads [Download STV Import: EZOnline Definitions]

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