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Downloads [Download Fan Art for Default STV by TiKi]
File Name: Fan Art for Default STV by TiKi (1.16 MB) Download
Author: Tiki (Uploaded by Tiki)
Date Added: 01-28-2009
Downloads: 1211
**Updated January 5, 2010**

Get Details about this import and post your comments in the support thread.

This import is for the default STV (SageTV3.xml) and is designed to allow the display of fan art for tv shows and movies. It is not designed to work with SageMC! The latest version has been tested with SageTV v6.5.9 and v6.6.2.

There is just one file (Called "TiKi-FanArtImport.stvi").
To install:
1 - Place the file inside the \SageTV\STVs\SageTV3 folder inside the folder where you installed SageTV.
2 - Launch SageTV, and navigate to Setups->Detailed Setup->Advanced->Manage STVI Plugins and click the Manage Button
3 - Click "Add a new STVI plugin file" and browse to where you copied this import file.
4 - Click "Force Rebuild and Reload STV File with plugins.

Note: Version 2.4 of this import still uses the original Fan Art folder and file naming convention. It has not been updated to support the Phoenix Fan Art system yet.

Revision History:

v1.0 - January 28, 2009 - First Released Version.

v2.0 - February 15, 2009 - Revamped code to make it more flexible.
- Added more setup options:
--Now you can choose whether to use the custom detailed info screen for Sage Recordings, Unrecorded Airings, and Imported Videos individually.
--Now you can choose whether to display banners.
--Now you can choose whether to display backgrounds.
--Now you can choose between 3 layouts for the detailed info screen (Default, Left+Bottom, or Top+Bottom).
-Now if an image can't be found in the main banner or background location, will check in the "TV" or "Movies" sub-directory.
-Added a "Watch" Button to the "Left + Bottom" and "Top + Bottom" Layouts.

v2.1 - February 16, 2009 - Fixed bug displaying backgrounds for imported videos.
- Added a "Watch" Button to the "Default" Layout.
- Combined the airing time and the duration on one line in the description area in the "Top + Bottom" Layout.

v2.2 - February 22, 2009 -
Fixed bug where banners stored in the \TV subdirectory wouldn't get displayed properly.
-Changed the properties that store the paths for banner art and background art to server properties (if upgrading from a previous version you will need to re-set the paths). By making them server properties, they only need to be set once and will affect all clients. The other properties are still client properties so you can set them differently for each client.
-Added a setup "Jump Straight to Detailed Info." If "Yes" then when you click on an item in the Program Guide screen or video browser, you will jump to the detailed info screen instead of seeing a pop-up options menu. You can still get to the options menu by clicking the options button from inside the detailed info screen. This setting does not affect the Malore Multi-pane screens (there is a separate setting for those screens that has the same effect).
-Now display the Version Number for this import at the bottom of the Fan Art Options pop-up in the Setup Menu.

v2.3 - March 15, 2009 - Fixed another bug with finding backgrounds stored in the "\TV\" Subdirectory.
-Added Support for Displaying Music Fan Art. Fan Art must be labeled with the artist's name (i.e. "U2.jpg") and will appear as the background in the Song Detail Screen.
-Added Support for displaying "Genre" Banners and Backgrounds. If banner or background cannot be found for a specific Sage Recording or Imported Video, will now look for a banner or background that matches the Category (Genre) or Sub-category for that recording. Genre banners must be stored in a subfolder of the banners directory labeled "\Genres\". Genre Backgrounds must be stored in a subfolder of the main backgrounds directory labeled "\Genres\". Examples of valid filenames include: sports.jpg, movie.jpg, shopping.jpg, news.jpg, etc.

v2.4 - January 5, 2010 -
1-Internal cleanup (removed dependency on RW MetaData STVi)
2-Removed all "\\" file separators and replaced with java_io_File_separator (this should allow this import to work properly on Mac and Linux systems).
3-Changed the "Delete" listener in the Detailed Info screens to use the default behavior depending on which Detailed Info screen (Video, Recording, etc.).
4-Added Filters to strip out illegal filename characters (eg. "/" and ":") from the Genre names. This will allow the use of Genre Backgrounds and Banners for categories such as Home/Garden (in this case, the image file should be called "Homegarden.jpg").
5-Added a check for Alternate Movie Category Name (Sage defaults to "Film"). Now will look in the Movies folders for banners and backgrounds for recorded TV shows whose genre/category matches either "Movie" or the alternate move category).
detailed setup1_8r9.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
songdetail600x480_04x.jpg by Tiki on 03-15-2009
sagerecordings600x480_8T3.jpg by Tiki on 01-28-2009
programguide600x480_Um1.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
programguide1280x720_sXI.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
recordingdetailsdefault600x480_z9c.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
displaydetailsoption_Wko.jpg by Tiki on 01-28-2009
recordingdetailsleft&bottom600x480_b7A.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
recordingdetailsleft&bottom1280x720_56X.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
recordingdetailstop&bottom600x480_mc4.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
sagerecordings1280x720_402.jpg by Tiki on 02-15-2009
detailed setup2_1CX.jpg by Tiki on 02-22-2009
genrebannerprogramguide_s39.jpg by Tiki on 03-15-2009
Downloads [Download Fan Art for Default STV by TiKi]

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