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Downloads [Download Flyout Left Options]
File Name: Flyout Left Options (257.2 KB) Download
Author: wado1971 (Uploaded by wado1971)
Date Added: 03-04-2009
Downloads: 558
This stvi will 'flyout' some optional buttons on the left side of the main menu when the left button is pressed. This import only works with the Default STV and must already have the DynamicMenuImport loaded.

To install: Extract the zip file into /SageTV/SageTV... In addition to the stvi & jar, it will also add a folder under the Themes directory called "STVi Import Icons" which holds the icons used. Additional icons are supplied and if you remove them all then sagetv will default up the structure to it's default icons.

Details & comments: support thread

Version History:

FlyoutLeftOption.0.6.4 (3/14/09 - Enabled plugin by default and fixed 'Standby' function.

FlyoutLeftOption.0.6.3 (3/14/09
- Added on/off & Configuration Options in: Detailed Setup -> Configuration (also accessable from the main menu with the “options” command or 3rd mouse button while the flyout menu is visable). Still need to improve on the options.
- Additional Icons added for fast media access.
- Inactivity timeout added to the flyout
- Left navigation while media is playing will now go directly to full screen media without displaying the flyout.
- New set of icons.
- Improved the overall size of the sub-menu flyouts and minimized the size changes to the menu container in order to fit the icons on the left side.

FlyoutLeftOption.0.4.2 (3/4/09) - Made icons much smaller & Added "Manage Imports" to settings flyout. - Initial release (Beta)

flyoutmenus05_LM6.jpg by wado1971 on 03-14-2009
Downloads [Download Flyout Left Options]

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