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Downloads [Download Alternative Program Guide & MiniGuide for Default]
File Name: Alternative Program Guide & MiniGuide for Default (170.4 KB) Download
Author: wado1971 (Uploaded by wado1971)
Date Added: 03-29-2009
Downloads: 809
This import will provide an alternative layout to the Program Guide for the Default STV. Nothing fancy here to speak of but the main features are:
1 – Moves the information panel to the bottom of the screen. I find it less distracting to the eye on the bottom (personal preference).
2 – Attempts to smooth out the guide cells and uses a red border on the selected item for more distinct navigation.
3 – Allows three modes for the information panel. Off, On with default size, & On with condensed size. Note: Default size must be used to allow the Tiki import to display Banners.
4 – Adds an optional “3-Row MiniGuide” available during LiveTV playback which displays ONLY 3 rows of guide data on the bottom of the screen. This option is useful for systems using overlay but also want full screen video when viewing the program guide.

All features are on/off selectable from: Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Alternate Program Guide. In addition, the options can be accessed while inside the Program Guide Menu by invoking the “Options” command (right mouse or remote button).

To install (Default STV only): Extract the zip file into ..\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV. Go to Detailed Setup->Advanced->Manage STVI plugins->Add a new STVI plugin file (choose the appropriate file & “Force Rebuild”).

Details & comments: Support Thread

Version History:

0.8.4 - 1) Fixed "Back" command. 2) Added a background option to miniguide to improve readability. 3) Inc. size of 3-row miniguide to allow 2 lines of text. 4) Added the "Up" arrow command to invoke the miniguide during liveTV. 5) Added inactivity timeout to miniguide. 6) Unfortunately the plugin no longer works together with JB's miniguide (don't think it really worked well together in the first place so I kind of gave up) 7) Removed "Exit Program Guide" option.

0.6.3 - Improved compatibility with Tiki's Banner imports. Added full view guide option (no info panel).

0.5.1 - Should work with both the Default STV with/without the DynamicMenu import without any special internal screens added. Just a normal import now.

0.4.2 (2/28/09) - Initial release
altguide_screenshots_01_M00.jpg by wado1971 on 03-29-2009
Downloads [Download Alternative Program Guide & MiniGuide for Default]

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