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Downloads [Download Google Calendar for SageMC v0.5 (10/2/2007)]
File Name: Google Calendar for SageMC v0.5 (10/2/2007) (1.89 MB) Download
Author: flachbar, MeInMaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 04-17-2007
Downloads: 1975
This STV Import for SageMC provides a front-end interface to your Google Calendar account from within SageTV.


SageTV v6.2+, Java 1.6 or higher, SageMC v6.3.4+


1. Unzip the download into your SageTV folder.
2. With SageTV shut down, open the (or file and add the following lines and save:

google_calendar/user= ######
google_calendar/password= ######
(Enter your Google Calendar login information in place of the pound signs)

3. Start SageTV and navigate to Import STVi under the Setup menu in SageMC.
4. Import GoogleCalendar_SageMC_6.3.4+.xml (Important Note: Due to limitations in the import utilities, you can only perform the import on the server or on a true client. To use the calendar on and extender or placeshifter, you can then load the SageMC .xml file with the calendar already imported.)
5. The calendar is accessible from the Calendar Icon added to the Main Menu. Alternately you can add a menu item for the calendar using an available Custom menu item or by using dynamic menus to link to the ‘Calendar’ internal screen.

1. Events in your Google Calendar are displayed.
2. Add/Modify all-day and time-specific events with a remote control or keyboard in the Daily Planner screen. (Accessed by selecting or clicking on the desired day in the calendar.
3. Display information from up to 3 additional calendars (Must be configured from your Google Calendar account through the web interface)
4. Calculates Sunrise and Sunset times based on the ZIP code you entered for the Weather setup. (Local latitude/longitude coordinates are read from ZIP_CODES.txt in the …\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3\SageMCE\ folder. If your zip code is not listed, you can manually add it and your latitude/longitude coordinates to the end of the file using the same format as the other listings.)
5. The phase of the moon is calculated and displayed for the focused day.
6. Separate assignable calendar cell color highlights for each active calendar’s events. (The initial setting for all calendars is 0x990099 (purple). In the screen shot, I changed the default calendar color to 0x009900 (green))

- Use arrows or mouse-over to move to any cell in the calendar.
- First and last Calendar cells have arrows. Navigating left from the first cell (with left arrow displayed) or right from the last cell (with right arrow displayed) moves you back or forward 1 month, respectively. Arrows can also be clicked.
- Skip fwd/back moves forward or back 1 month, respectively.
- Skip fwd2/back2 moves forward or back 1 year respectively.
- Navigating up from the top row of Calendar cells or mousing over the day headers, rolls out a navigation bar with Forward and Back buttons.
- Pressing the Options key brings up an Options menu where event data can be refreshed and calendar options can be accessed. (Calendar options are also available under the Extras section of the SageMC Options screen)
- Press select or click on a calendar cell to switch to the Daily Planner screen for that date.

Version History

v 0.1 (4/16/2007)
Initial Release

v 0.2 (5/3/2007)

STVi changes

Added parsing of events when downloaded in 24hr format
Added option for shortened inline event display (only displays start time and event description)
Disabled 'shrink to fit' for inline event text and made font size user configurable in options menu
Changed inline event display logic. Will now display more than one event per calendar (displays up to 6 total events inline at default font size).
Added heirarchy to options menu to allow for more options than can fit in two columns
Toggle info panel display (can be mapped to Info or Custom1-5 keys and also added to options menu)
Made Info Panel event font size user configurable
Added enable/disable option for each custom calendar
Added option to enable/disable sunrise/sunset display in info panel
Added option for time display on main menu icon
Added code to allow the user to move the main menu icon location. (Hit options key while icon is highlighted and use arrow keys to move the icon)
Made Daily Planner event font size user configurable
Changed display logic in Daily Planner so that only items in default calendar will be shown
Added date display to the start/stop times when adding/modifying and event in Daily Planner
Disabled video preview in Calendar and Daily Planner screens

calendar.jar changes (Thanks Dirk!)

Increased event download limit from 25 to 1000
Changed user/password properties to google_calendar/user= and google_calendar/password= (Note: The old user/password location is still recognized. There is no need to change this if already entered.)

v 0.4 (5/23/2007)

We completely reworked how events are handled under the hood. (The most obvious result is there is no longer a need for the 24hr event format setting.)
Added support for up to 6 events in each time slot in the daily planner screen.
End time/date for multiday events is now displayed properly. (For now, multiday events are still only shown on the day and in the time slot in which they begin.)
Changed the event background color display so that the text for each event has its own background color.
Added scaling (pgup/pgdn keys) and restore default size/location (stop key) for main menu icon.
Added animated main menu icon when calendar icon is focused. (uses hover_calendar.png)
Numerous small cosmetic changes.

v 0.5 (10/2/2007)

Updated plugin to be compatible with SageMC v6.3.4+
googlecalendarscreencap1_n4d.jpg by MeInMaui on 04-17-2007
googlecalendarscreencap2_VB7.jpg by MeInMaui on 04-17-2007
googlecalendarscreencap3_ZP1.jpg by MeInMaui on 04-17-2007
googlecalendarscreencap4_ptS.jpg by MeInMaui on 04-17-2007
googlecalendarscreencap5_779.jpg by MeInMaui on 04-17-2007
Downloads [Download Google Calendar for SageMC v0.5 (10/2/2007)]

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