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Downloads [Download Color Coded Guide Bars v1.2]
File Name: Color Coded Guide Bars v1.2 (248.2 KB) Download
Author: meinmaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 07-02-2006
Downloads: 1886
This download includes three sets of color coded guide bars for SageMC: The original dark set, a bright set, and a glassy set.

All versions in the download include highlighted bars for shows now playing, darkened bars for shows not currently playing, replacement left and right arrows, and a replacement color highlight for the currently selected show.

The category color codes are as follows:

Sports (incl. non-event & talk) = Green
Movies = Dark Purple
News = Red
Specials (and Holiday Specials) = Yellow
Children (and Children Specials) = Light Purple
Animated = Light Blue
Documentary = Brown
Default = Blue

Installation Instructions

1. Backup your .../SageTV/STVs/SageTV3/SageMCE/Images folder if you wish to revert to your original guide graphics.
2. Download and unzip the attached file into a location of your choice.
3. Unzip the enclosed zip file corresponding to the guide bar set of your choice (Bright, Dark, or Glassy) into your .../SageTV directory.
3. Restart the SageTV UI.
4. It is recommended that you set your 'Guide Black Text' to 0xAAAAAA for the dark guide bar set. This can be done within the Advanced Settings screen under 'SageMC 16x9 Options'. For the Bright Guide Bar set you can leave the 'Guide Black Text' set to 0x000000.
5. If you are using the Glassy Show Icons, it is recommended that you use a set with at least 50% opacity so they do not look washed out and discolored.


Version History

Initial Release

Added the Bright Guide Bars set to the download.

Added Glassy Guide Bars to download

You can jump to the Graphics for SageMC thread here.
guide-screenshot2_9Cg.png by MeInMaui on 07-02-2006
guide-screenshot3_n60.png by MeInMaui on 07-03-2006
glassyguidebarscreenshot_2SS.png by MeInMaui on 09-14-2006
Downloads [Download Color Coded Guide Bars v1.2]

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There is no index.html or index.php in the download directory!