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Downloads [Download BeyondSageTV Theme]
File Name: BeyondSageTV Theme (1.22 MB) Download
Author: Brent (Uploaded by Brent)
Date Added: 01-04-2009
Downloads: 1171
BeyondSageTV Theme for SageMC

Users who have switched to SageTV from BeyondTV might find this theme familiar. It brings a background, icon set and layout inspired by the BTV PVR program. Of course you still get the features of SageMC/SageTV including integrated Movies, Photos, Online Video and Music. Windowed video playback on the main menu is enabled as well.

SageMC version 6.3.8 or higher

*BeyondSageTV background using PSE inspired by a former PVR software once used.
*Icons are intended to recreate the "look and feel" of BTV, but feel free to replace these icons with your preferred ones.
*Thanks to meinmaui and dirk for their continued work on SageMC, neilm for dynamic menus, and meinmaui for his assistance with getting the icons working on the menu file.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the file (see download button on this page) and Unzip the contents of the zip file into the SageTV directory. (typically SageTV/SageTV/)
  2. Change Theme: From the SageMC Settings menu, select "Select Theme>Select>BeyondSageTV" and then execute the "Apply" button
  3. Change Menu Layout: You should now be at the main menu. Now hit your escape key or options button to get the options menu - select "Customize Screen Layout". Now select "Import/Export Layout>Import All>" and browse to and select the BeyondSageTV.layout" and hit "Yes" [This will change your menu layout to be a combination of the familiar text & icons side-by-side as you see in the preview for this theme]
  4. Change Menu File: You should again be at the main menu. Now hit your escape key or options button to get the options menu - select "Main Menu Options". Now select "File>Load Other Menu File" and select the "browse" button. Browse to "Menus" and select "BeyondSageTV.xml" and select "ok". Jit the "home" key on your remote or keyboard and you should see the new menu.
That should be it.
Note that you can switch back to your other themes with the same basic steps.

Discussion thread for the BeyondSageTV Theme can be found here.
Downloads [Download BeyondSageTV Theme]

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The download directory is not writeable!