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Downloads [Download Chapters to EDL (0.22b)]
File Name: Chapters to EDL (0.22b) (5.3 KB) Download
Author: Fuzzy (Uploaded by Fuzzy)
Date Added: 08-12-2009
Downloads: 833
Just created a utility that will take a chapters file, and create an .edl file for use with the comskip plugin. This currently works with either an XML file generated by MKVExtract, or with a TXT file generated by eac3to. This is pretty much the first build to go out for testing on your various files. Hope it is useful for someone out there... Link is here. Use at your own risk. There is no error checking (yet)!

Version History:

0.22b - 2009-08-19:
* Updated mkv2edl.bat to better handle full paths

0.21b - 2009-08-12:
* Corrected handling when file has no chapters
* Added Sample Batch file for processing .MKV files with MKVExtract
* - Need to set paths in mkv2edl.bat to point to MKVExtract.exe and chap2edl.exe
* - Example: mkv2edl.bat "Sleeping Beauty.mkv"
* - will create "Sleeping Beauty.edl" in the same folder.

0.2b - 2009-08-12:
* Changed interface to use stdin and stdout.
* - Example: type "Sleeping Beauty.txt" | chap2edl > "Sleeping Beauty.edl"
* - Example2: mkvextract chapters "Sleeping Beauty.mkv" | chap2edl > "Sleeping Beauty.edl"

0.1b - 2009-08-12:
* First Draft
chap2edl-sample1_Mj6.jpg by Fuzzy on 08-14-2009
chap2edl-sample2_OX8.jpg by Fuzzy on 08-19-2009
Downloads [Download Chapters to EDL (0.22b)]

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