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Downloads [Download BMI Tools For Default STV v1.0]
File Name: BMI Tools For Default STV v1.0 (34.2 KB) Download
Author: Tiki (Uploaded by Tiki)
Date Added: 01-08-2010
Downloads: 1029
BMI Tools For Default STV v1.0

Support Thread for this Import | Notification Thread for this Import | Download Page for BMT 3.1

>Last Update = 2010-01-08<

>Latest Version = v1.0<

This STVi import is designed to replace the STVi that is supplied with the Batch Metadata Importer (v3.1) from Stuckless.

Like the original STVi, it allows you to search for and download Fan Art and Metadata for a selected mediafile (Sage Recording, Imported Video) or just the Fan Art for an airing (TV show from the Program Guide or Past or Future Airings lists that is not curently recorded).

This plugin adds more details in the search results (including Year, Search Provider, and Percent Certainty of the Match). It also adds a viewer so you can see what fan art you have on your computer for a particular show and you can rename or delete fan art that you don't like. Finally, it adds an information page that shows currently installed versions, java heap info, etc.

1. SageTV v6.6.2 or later installed
2. Must be using the default STV3.xml STV that comes with SageTV (not SageMC).
3. Must have already installed the Batch Metdata Tools V3.1 (download page, support thread)

Installation Instructions:
1. Copy the BMITools_ForDefaultSTV.stvi file to the STVs\SageTV3 folder of your Sage Installation (Default path is C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3).
2. Inside Sage, navigate to Setup->Detailed Setup->Advanced and click the button for "Manage STVI plugins"
3. Check to see if "MetadataFanartTools-DefaultSTV.stvi" is shown on the list of Current STVI plugins - If it is found, click on it to remove it.
4. Click the "Add a new STVI plugin file" button. Browse to find the new BMITools_ForDefaultSTV.stvi file.
5. Click "Force Rebuild and Reload STV File with plugins".

Note: if you had any other plugins installed that relied on the old stvi file (such as tmiranda's Phoenix Fan Art for Default STV), you may need to make sure they appear in the plugin list after this one.

BMITools_ForDefaultSTV Revision Notes

rev 0: 2009-09-08
-Original release by Stuckless

rev 1: 2010-01-08
-1st release by Tiki
-Modified Button on Recordings Options Screen so it now pops-up a list of choices instead of just running a search
-Choices include (1) Search for Fan Art and Metadata for selected mediafile, (2) View/Edit Fan Art for selected mediafile, (3) Get Metadata System Info.
-Modified Metadata Search Results screen to include Year, Provider Name, and Match %, as well as to prompt you to click on one of the results.
-New View/Edit Fan Art screen shows all available banners, backgrounds, and posters for selected media file graphically. Clicking on an image brings up editing choices.
-Editing choices include renaming the image and deleting the image.
-Metadata System Info shows version numbers for this import, the Phoenix API, SageTV, and Java as well as currently running STV, Windows OS version, and Java Heap info.
2 metadata options menu_RKL.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
2 metadata options menu_7wB.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
3 metadata system info_WfX.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
4 view-edit fan art (background)_Z2U.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
5 view-edit fan art (poster)_14C.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
6 edit fan art_T4Z.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
7 metadata search results_5qi.jpg by Tiki on 01-08-2010
Downloads [Download BMI Tools For Default STV v1.0]

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