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Downloads [Download Sage Pro UI Theme for Standard STV]
File Name: Sage Pro UI Theme for Standard STV (8.75 MB) Download
Author: Gerry (Big Gerr) (Uploaded by gplasky)
Date Added: 01-20-2008
Downloads: 1538
Sage Pro Theme V0.08 for Standard STV V6.3

A loadable UI theme for the Standard STV. Requires SageTV V6.2 or later. Also designed to be used with neilm's Dynamic Menu 6.3 (First version with Themes. Tested and developed with 6.3.6 RC.)Incudes themes for SDTV and HD720.


Unzip the package into your Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3\Themes folder.
In Dynamic Menus remove any paths that may be in there for any existing icon paths. (If you wish to use the ones with the theme) Make sure you just leave the default name of the icons. (example: mm_recordings.png.) (You can either do a find and replace in the menu's xml file or remove it from within Sage and the Dynamic Menu options.)

In SageTV, go to Setup > Detailed Setup > Advanced > Select the User Interface Theme and choose SagePro HD720 (for 16x9 displays) or SagePro SDTV (for 4x3 displays).

For support or suggestions, see this forum thread here.


Shades of Meedio
Yes I know some will recognize it from my Meedio Pro theme I did long ago.

Icons were originally created by Paul Davey. He originally did the GANT icons that are included with the Dynamic Menu plugin. According to the documentation included with the icons:
It basically means that you are free to alter and redistribute Buuf as you wish. However, you must attribute it thusly:

Based on icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan. All rights reserved.
You may NOT use any Buuf icon commercially without my permission.
New Main Menu Icons! (more to come)
Almost every other icon is replaced!
New busy/wait cursor!
All new Weather icons!

If you have questions or comments put them in this thread.

NOTE: Make sure that both the SagePro SDTV and the SagePro HD720 folders are located in your theme folders. One is dependant upon the other for its base icons and weather icons.

sphome_QNr.jpg by gplasky on 01-20-2008
Downloads [Download Sage Pro UI Theme for Standard STV]

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The download directory is not writeable!