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Downloads [Download JRMC Media Explorer for SageMC]
File Name: JRMC Media Explorer for SageMC (588.6 KB) Download
Author: cncb (Uploaded by cncb)
Date Added: 03-25-2008
Downloads: 730
This import allows you to explore and play from your J River Media Center library, view schemes, playlists, smartlists, etc. inside SageMC. Note that it does not use JRMC for playback so you will have to import all of the media files into Sage to be able to play them.

A "Music Mix" screen is also included that allows you to play a mix of selected music genres with a specified number of tracks.

*Note that pressing "Play" on an item in the list/table gives you a playback menu that applies to all files under that item.

**Note that if you are using the Icon, Fixed Focus, or Dock menu styles the "Main Menu Popup Command" cannot be set to "Double Click" (Settings | SageMC | Main | Screen Specific Options). Otherwise, the import will lose its connection to JRMC which will be evident by a list of items where the text disappears as you highlight each item.

Discussion thread here.

  1. Shut down SageTV and the SageTV service if it is running.
  2. Download the zip file and extract the contents to the appropriate SageTV directory (usually "c:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV").
  3. Copy the "jacob-1.14-x86.dll" file from "c:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\jacob-1.14" to the "bin" directory of the JRE (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin").
  4. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package for Jacob (most versions of Windows already have a version installed but you need this one with SP1).
  5. Load the default SageMC STV.
  6. Import the "JRMCExplorer_SageMC.xml" STVi from the STVs directory (usually have to navigate one directory up in the import dialog).
  7. Make sure you have a working version of JRMC v12 with a library of your media files.

Add A View Into Your JRMC Library
You can add any number of views into your JRMC library from the SageMC interface (e.g. the Artists/Album view scheme under Audio, the Calendar view scheme under Images, a custom view scheme under Video, a particular Playlist group, etc.). See below for some examples. To add a link in a SageMC menu:
  1. Select [Options| Main Menu Options] on a SageMC menu.
  2. Select [New...|New Internal Screen].
  3. Scroll down and select "JRMC Library Explorer".
  4. Give the menu item an appopriate name.
  5. Select [File...|Save menu file].
  6. Select your new menu item and navigate the JRMC library until you get to the view you want as the home/start view.
  7. Select the "Home View..." button and set this as the home library view for this Sage menu item.
  8. Add additional menu items in the same way as desired.

Music Mix Screen
This screen allows you to select one or more music genres along with a number of tracks and play a shuffled mix of music with this criteria. You can add a menu item to link to this screen as in steps 1-5 above - just select "JRMC Music Mix" for the internal screen name.

Troubleshooting JRMC Connection Problems
  • Have you copied the jacob dll to your JRE bin directory? You might have to do this everytime you update Java.
  • Make sure you can run JRMC independently. Sometimes JRMC shows a warning message box on startup that you might not see. In this case you should turn most of these off.
  • Note that if you are using the Icon, Fixed Focus, or Dock menu styles the "Main Menu Popup Command" cannot be set to "Double Click" (Settings | SageMC | Main | Screen Specific Options). Otherwise, the import will lose its connection to JRMC which will be evident by a list of items where the text disappears as you highlight each item.

Using With Extender In Service Mode
If you are using an extender with service mode you need to make sure the Service logs in as a local user that you've set up JRMC with so that you can access your JRMC library from Sage. You also might want to enable "Multiple instances" in the JRMC program options if you want to run JRMC on your server while Sage is accessing it.

Advanced Options
JRMC Sync Command: This command is executed when you select the "Sync/Import" button on the Explorer screen. It is a JRMC /MCC command as described in the JRMC online documentation. For example, I use "20028,1" to load/refresh my JRMC library in read-only mode on my server.

File Title Text: This is a JRMC expression filled in for each file caption/title. It can contain pretty much any field - see the JRMC documentation for expression examples.

File Details Text: These are JRMC expressions filled in for each file in the file details screen. "details1-3" are for the three lines next to the art image and "details4" is for the scrolling text below. These have to be edited in the .Properties file manually.

Version 1.2 - 12/21/2008
  • Added new display style with no left-side buttons. You can toggle between display types with the "Change Display" button. The "Options" command will bring up a menu with the buttons when they are not visible (Options no longer brings up the Playback menu on a highlighted item).
  • Title text now tracks current selection with additional information about view items (number of files and time).
  • When viewing files as thumbnails a caption is no longer displayed (full caption is in title text).
  • Sync command gets the MC version from the registry (compatible with any version now).

Version 1.1 - 08/02/2008
  • DVDs are now handled like all other files (you can shuffle play them, add them to the current playlist, etc.).
  • Added customizable details screen for each file type.
  • Added customizable sorting presets.
  • Now can set home library view/path from within Sage (no longer have to edit menufile externally and existing menu items will have to be reset with the new mechanism).
  • Created MyMovies Data Importer to get detailed movie information into JRMC which you can then use for view schemes and the file details screen accessible in Sage.

Version 1.0b - 04/05/2008
  • Pressing "Play" button on item now opens playback options menu.
  • Now checks for selection of DVD file and allows playback (only single file selection).
  • Some visual/display fixes for MVP extender.
  • Added shortcut buttons to Music and Video Queues.
mix_HzU.jpg by cncb on 03-25-2008
explore2_wT5.jpg by cncb on 03-25-2008
explore1_2Q1.jpg by cncb on 03-25-2008
explore3_N7I.jpg by cncb on 03-26-2008
details_IID.jpg by cncb on 08-02-2008
explore4_5Vp.jpg by cncb on 12-21-2008
Downloads [Download JRMC Media Explorer for SageMC]

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