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Downloads [Download Vista Sidebar/Windows 7 Gadget]
File Name: Vista Sidebar/Windows 7 Gadget (64.9 KB) Download
Author: cncb (Uploaded by cncb)
Date Added: 10-16-2008
Downloads: 1918
This is a Vista Sidebar or Windows 7 gadget that allows you to see what is currently recording and upcoming recordings in SageTV with a flyout that shows the recording schedule. It can be run on any Vista PC networked with the Sage server but requires nielm's web server or Jetty web server to function.

Discuss here.

Installation Instructions

1) Download and install nielm's web server or the Jetty web server. Note the server name/address, port, user name, and password for the web server. Make sure this is functioning correctly and you can access it from the desired PC.

2) Download the gadget file, rename it, and remove the .zip at the end of the name.

3) Double-click the resulting SageTV.Gadget file to install.

4) Right-click the gadget and choose "Options". Fill in the correct server name/address, port, user name, and password. Set the "max # of current recordings" to the number of tuners you have.


- Clicking the "Now Recording" area will show the flyout with the recording schedule as well as update/refresh the Now Recording area.

- Clicking the SageTV logo will open the web server, SageTV, or SageTV Client as set in the Options.

- The user name and password are stored and sent over the network in plain text (not encrypted) so it is recommended to only use this over your local network and not over the internet.

Version 1.1 - Nov. 22, 2008
  • Added options to launch web server with or without login (IE can't handle login)
  • Now gets SageTV install/launch directory location from registry.
  • Option to show channel logos in schedule.
  • Split out settings into multiple pages.

Version 1.2 - Nov. 30, 2009
  • Fix URLs for Jetty web server.
  • Shows system message icons (requires Jetty web server). Clicking on icon opens web server system message page in browser.
  • Added option to include padding in start and end times.
  • Recording schedule now groups recordings by day and shows start and end times.
  • Clicking recording title opens web server recording details page in browser.
  • Recordings in progress are shown in red in recording schedule.
  • Multiple airings of same program are now all shown in schedule.

Version 1.2b - Dec. 09, 2009
  • Fix error when not showing padding in times.

Version 1.3 - Feb. 21, 2010
  • Correctly show system message alert status if reset (requires Jetty web interface v2.26).
  • Increase maximum number of displayed current recordings to 12.

Version 1.4 - May 5, 2010
  • Now shows upcoming recordings in gadget along with current recordings (can return to show only current recordings by unchecking "Show upcoming recs" Display option).
gadget3_4H8.jpg by cncb on 05-05-2010
Downloads [Download Vista Sidebar/Windows 7 Gadget]

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