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NetworkGuy 01-24-2021 12:19 PM

Playback with No Sound on HD300
So I have run into a very intermittent problem where an HD300 does not play sound when I start to play a second recorded show. I think I have narrowed down the circumstances when it occurs.

When the pandemic started, I downloaded copies of old TV shows that we had never watched and imported them into SageTV. (It has been a lifesaver.) These show play fine most of the time. If I play one of these shows, it plays fine. If I try to play a second episode, it plays but with no sound.

Here are the scenarios I have tried.
  • Play 1st episode - good
  • Play 2nd episode - no sound
  • Play SageTV recorded show - good
  • Play 1 episode - good
  • Play 2nd episode - no sound
  • Power cycle HD300
  • Play 2nd episode - good

I am thinking it has something to do with the codec of the shows I imported. Looking at the media info:

SageTV recorded show:
  • MPEG - TS
  • video stream: MPEG Video
  • audio stream: AC-3 (Dolby Digital) 448 kb/s 48.0kHz, 6 channels

Imported show:
  • MPEG-4 (Base Media)
  • video stream: AVC
  • audio stream: AAC LC 128 kb/s 44.1.0kHz, 2 channels

I can run the shows through a converter, but there are over 100 of them.

Any idea what is causing this to happen on the HD300? Why would power cycling the HD300 clear up the problem? Thoughts?

And if I am going to remix everything, what are the best video/audio setting for the widest compatibility? I have HD300, ShieldTV, 4K Firestick

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