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michaeldjcox 11-18-2014 02:10 AM

Plugin: SageTV Catchup
SageTV Catchup 0.3.3 (beta)

Plugin to integrate UK catchup TV sources into SageTV for UK users.

Requires separate installation of get_iplayer.

Pioneers who installed the original 0.2.7 beta are advised to:
  • Completely uninstall 0.2.7 first
  • Check in the SageTV server directory that the subdirectory sagetvcatchup has completely gone

The support thread is here

0.3.3 - Second beta release.

Online services menu:
  • Recording and catalog status are now a further click away as cannot stop SageTV caching downloads at top level
  • Reverse order sorting of categories and episodes by orig air date
  • Added a search podcast to allow programme search from SageTV
  • Moved show icons to programme level from episode level to facilitate better meta-data visibility
  • Improved visibility of meta-data at episode level
  • Added a "New" category for programmes added since the last catalog
  • Added a "Favourite" category for programmes which are also SageTV favourites
  • Added recording status messages to recordings podcast including percent done
  • Added grouping of recordings by outcome e.g. in progress, failed, completed
  • Made improvements to catalog status reporting including time taken to catalog
  • Catalog errors are now grouped by message

  • Add "Watch and Keep mode" as SageTV only lets you record if fully downloaded.
  • Made recording and streaming much more resilient to different outcomes

SageTV plugin:
  • Add enable/disable of individual sources in plugin configuration screen.
  • Allow catchup server port and recording directory to be configured from SageTV

  • Reduce cataloging time to 10 mins - previously took hours
  • Remove the catchup server host and port from podcast URLs from the catalog
  • Add a catalog start hour so cataloging always starts at a set hour of day and occurs every X hours
  • Only start cataloging on startup if the catalog looks sparse otherwise wait to scheduled time
  • Deal with duplicate programme entries in iplayer
  • Made catalog downloads interruptable so that cataloging can be more quickly terminated
  • Made catalog downloads retry on failure

Web page:
  • Add Type column to category web page
  • Add Type column to programmes web page
  • Add error summary to catalog error web page
  • Control links in web server home page redirect back to home page rather than present message web page
  • Home page now shows active thread count and heap stats
  • Home page now shows growing size of catalog in progress and size of last catalog

  • Moved the catchup server to its own JVM to limit the plugins impact on SageTV classpath
  • Set up RMI servers in plugin and the now separate server for better control and feedback
  • Add seed properties for 32bit windows e.g. windows XP
  • Increased maximum heap size to 500Mb

Media sources:
  • Fix Demand5 meta data (but demand5 no longer works possibly due to encryption)
  • Fix Iplayer series and episode number parsing errors

0.2.7 - First beta release.

Contains Iplayer catalog, watch and record to TV recordings




michaeldjcox 11-22-2014 04:03 AM

SageTV Catchup 0.3.4 (beta)
Plugin to integrate UK catchup TV sources into SageTV for UK users.

Requires separate installation of get_iplayer.

Version 2.90 of get_iplayer is recommended as this allows download of programmes older than 7 days.

0.3.4 - Third beta release
  • Online services menu: some lists not fully populated due to incorrect escaping of podcast titles
  • SageTV Plugin: Configurability of ports and timeouts and recording commands
  • Recording: Better status reporting
  • Recording: Two threads for watching and one for queued recordings
  • Recording: Configurable timeouts
  • Recording: upload to SageTV will now retry move of recording as sometimes get_iplayer has not finished with file
  • Recording: recording will not wait for a completed file if the recording was stopped or failed
  • Recording: get_iplayer command line is now configurable
  • Recording: got rid of relative path from get_iplayer to recording directory as this failed when they are on multiple hard drives
  • General: RMI services made to survive suspend/resume of host

michaeldjcox 12-23-2014 05:23 PM

SageTV Catchup 1.0.0
Plugin to integrate UK catchup TV sources into SageTV for UK users.

Requires separate installation of get_iplayer.

Version 2.90 of get_iplayer is recommended as this allows download of programmes older than 7 days.

1.0.0 Release
  • Online Services menu. Show the last air date rather than original air date in episode detail
  • Online Services menu. Cataloging status - add a count of subcategories
  • Online Services menu. Add recording progress to stop button on episode control menu
  • Online Services menu. Add "Last chance" category for soon to be removed episodes
  • Online Services menu. Add "Most popular" category based on BBC web site
  • Online Services menu. Rework "New" category to be based on availability dates.
  • Online Services menu. Only one "Air date", "New", "Favourite" etc category for all sources
  • Online Services menu. Move "Air date", "New", "Favourite" etc to the top level
  • Online Services menu. Add "Sources" categories below which IPlayer and Test go
  • Online Services menu. Add icons for some sub categories
  • Web Page: Fix issue where podcasts cannot be navigated from remote machine
  • Web Page: Duration, last air date, available and removal dates added to episode views.
  • Cataloging: extract duration and last air date from iplayer meta data
  • Cataloging: extract available and removal dates from iplayer meta data
  • Cataloging: reduce air date categories with larger time periods for much older content
  • Cataloging: Fix issue of some catalog errors accumulating across catalog runs
  • Cataloging: Only one "Air date", "New", "Favourite" etc category for all sources
  • Recording: add channel, duration, and last air date to SageTV airing meta data
  • Recording: download the episode fanart to the recording directory.
  • Recording: fix episode title so it has the SageTVs title - SeasonNr - EpisodeNr format
  • Recording: fix episode number which was being set to same value as series number
  • Recording: upload to sagetv asynchronously from the server so as to not block recording
  • Recording: fix issue where some failed recordings gets listed as still in progress
  • Test: reduce size of the test video to reduce deployment upload times

michaeldjcox 08-19-2015 10:24 AM

SageTV Catchup 1.0.1
Plugin to integrate UK catchup TV sources into SageTV for UK users.

Requires separate installation of get_iplayer.

Use version 2.94 or later of get_iplayer which handles the latest changes to BBC IPlayer website.

1.0.1 release
  • Breakfix following BBC Iplayer website changes.
  • Require get_iplayer 2.94 and remove dependence on playlist URLS which BBC blocks access to

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