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EnterNoEscape 03-03-2020 08:07 PM

Updating dependencies...
I am updating phoenix-api to use the TVDB v3 API. One of the dependencies of this update is GSON 2.8.5. I can see that's a dependency already for a tmiranda plugin at version 2.7. It's also a dependency of phoenix-api, but I can take care of that since that's what I'm updating anyway. I don't think anything else uses it.

I'm look for advice on how to resolve this peacefully. Is there precedent here?

I'm thinking these are my options:
1. Try using the older GSON.
2. Update it and help tmiranda get updated too if needed.
3. Recompile the new TVDB library to use a refactored GSON (this is what we did for SD when it was built into SageTV).

Edit: I replaced 1.7 with 2.7 since that's what' really out there. Sorry for any confusion.

JREkiwi 03-04-2020 01:54 AM

The YouTube plugin has a dependency of GSON, but doesn't specify a minimum or maximum version, so will install whatever version is available in the repository.

2.7 is the version of GSON the repository.

Throwing in my 2c, I would just update the version in the V9 repository to 2.8.5 or 2.8.6. The GSON changelog doesn't look like they've done anything that would break backward compatibility, but it would be easy enough to test the YouTube plugin with GSON 2.8.6


EnterNoEscape 03-04-2020 06:29 PM

That's fair and I agree it probably won't break it. I just don't like creating headaches for others and this could be subtle enough the app owner might not think of it as a contributor to new issues. Although I know the Youtube plugin has been having its own slew of issues lately with the API key.

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