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ericscottf 08-11-2010 04:49 PM

Mixing tuners and lineups
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Hi all

I could use some advice on how to get two different types of input working optimally. I've looked around and can't find the straightforward answers i need.

I've got FIOS coming into the house going to two SD STBs controlled by two HD PVRs.

I just installed my hd homerun dual network tuner today. Just for fun, i plugged it into the cable split off before it goes into the STB, and i actually get several channels (tho my question works pretty much the same if i had plugged into an antenna)

Question: How do i get sage to recognize that, say, jeopardy is broadcast and received on both types of tuners, but with different call signs (HD and non HD)? Obviously, i'd like it to realize that it is the same show, and choose the HD one if the tuner is available and the SD one if it isn't. Even if i can't prioritize, I want sage to recognize that it is the same show in whatever intelligent way sage does this.

There will only be overlap, but, say i install an OTA antenna into the unit. What then? It seems like this can all get very confusing.
What am i missing, and is there a guide that can help me with this?


Attached is a pic of what my HD homerun is seeing from the cable. I can actually watch TV through media player with it w/o sage, and it works properly. How do i mesh the guide data now?

Edit: I have tried randomly choosing various channel lineups (since none of them are called "fios with no cable box") and when i go to preview channels, it says no signal strength for all the ones i've tried....

GKusnick 08-11-2010 05:18 PM

I'm not a cable user, so no doubt others can give more detailed advice. But basically you just clone the lineup you're using for your FIOS STB (there should be an option to duplicate an existing lineup during soruce setup) and then disable all the encrypted channels on the duplicate, leaving only the clear QAM channels. That's the lineup you use with your HDHR.

Or if you use an antenna instead, there should be a Digital Broadcast lineup listed for your market, and that's the one you choose for the HDHR.

Once you have the lineup properly configured for each source, you're done. Sage then has all the information it needs to automatically recognize which channels are available through which tuners and merge them all into one program guide. You just choose the programs you want to record and let Sage worry about which tuner to use.

ericscottf 08-11-2010 06:01 PM

I can't seem to get anything to tune.

When setting up the tuner, there are a few choices i have to make -- I think i'm making the right ones, but i'm not getting anywhere...

In the following sequence, i'm choosing the setting marked by a *
first choice:
*Use tuner on capture card to tune cable tv
" antenna/broadcast

Second choice:
*cable or satellite
Local broadcast (over the air) (why is this here, if i just chose catv tuning??)

Next, i can choose either regular or digital fios setup. For my STBs, i choose digital, so i picked digital for this one too (tho non digital didn't work when i tried that also)

I tell it to do a full channel scan, and after awhile, it has some shows (i assume it is getting this info from the HDHR scan i did in the hdhr setup?)

After the scan, it shows that it has added several channels that there is no way are clearQAM. HDHR software shows i have maybe 20 channels, the scan says i have 638!
I try to tune any of them, even ones i know i should have as clearQAM, and i get 0 signal strength and an error."this channel cannot be tuned now or was not found by the system"

It isn't a huge deal if i can't get this to work -- i'll just get an antenna, but i'd like to know what i'm doing wrong...
Any ideas?


n9cqs 08-23-2010 09:25 PM

EPG setup won't show any lineup
I have a related problem. I recently found the need to move to a different zip code area, and when I try to re-set Sage to a new channel lineup, I get to the point in the installation where it asks for my zip code and then it gives me a screen with NO options (where it is supposed to show me such things as "over the air" or "DISH Network" or "Comcast Cable" and such.

Is that because I have already made choices? All I can do is copy and modify existing channel lineups.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

OH.. I'm running Sage 7 on Windows XP.

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