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tmiranda 10-01-2010 06:34 PM

Plugin: PodcastRecorder
PodcastRecorder is a plugin that allows you to manually record podcasts or create Favorite podcasts that can be automatically downloaded. See the wiki for detailed instructions and explanations:

To install: Go to the "UI Mod" section of the plugin manager and select "Podcast Recorder UI". After it's installed you can press Record (Ctrl-y) or Favorite (Ctrl-k) on one podcast or a group of podcasts.

Recorded podcasts will appear in the "Videos" menu.

Known issues:
- Will not work with EvilPenguin's PlayOn/Hulu plugin.
- No matter what subdirectory you download to, when in the Folder view of the Video browser all podcasts will appear at the root level.

This is a beta release, do not expect perfection. Do expect me to address bugs as they are reported. :)

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