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glennsantacruz 12-18-2008 08:46 AM

Remote control - change IR frequency??
I have an HD extender (not the latest HD200, but the earlier STX100), and have a problem with the remote control IR frequency. The STX100 remote seems to "overlap" my television remote frequency -- meaning that if I press the power button on my STX100 remote, it changes my television input source! Similarly, if I "volume up" on the STX100, my television changes channels. Is there any way to remap/change the STX100 remote control settings for *each* button (including power) so that I can remove the overlap?

Or do you have other suggestions for solving this problem (short of black tape over the TV IR receiver -- I do want to continue using the TV remote for other functions, like source input change, etc.)

Opus4 12-18-2008 09:40 AM

The last time this came up, it seemed like the TV wasn't properly filtering the IR codes it would respond to -- it would repsond to the HD100's remote, but the HD100 wouldn't respond to the TV's remote. Is that the case?

You can't reprogram the HD100's remote, but you can reprogram what the HD100 responds to. To do this, however, you would need to have another remote the HD100 can recognize or be able to manually program the codes that the remote uses. Even then, you could run into problems because of the IR code for power.

There probably isn't a good solution to remote conflicts... unless the TV is real old & ready for replacement. ;)

- Andy

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