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shatter 08-12-2009 12:12 AM

SageTV Client Having Trouble Playing back Live TV
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I am running SageTV Client on a XP SP3 machine on an all gigabit network. The client will play back recorded shows fine but refuses to play Live TV. If I try to watch a show, I will get the overlay on a black screen for about 5-10 seconds and then it usually will go back to the program guide with the red "REC" button showing the program is being recorded. When I then go back to trying to watch the show the playback starts immediately but the video/audio will eventually hang.

The server doesn't have any problems in playing live tv to the television it is hooked up to.

I have made sure my server and client are both running Java 6r15 and I am running SageTV v. on both the server and client. The server is running XP SP2.

I have tried changing network settings (jumbo frames on and off), updating network card drivers, running older ones without any change in behavior.

I am including debug files for the server and client. Interestingly enough, on the debug try it started playing immediately on the client but then when I tried to stop the live tv view and pick another channel, it went right back to the old behavior described above.

I have defrag'd all the drives on the server and made sure there is plenty of free space on the drives of the server and client machine.

All help is appreciated, thanks!

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