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Grahambo 10-13-2010 06:36 PM

SageTV service shuts down randomly
Hello all,
I'm having some issues with SageTV running on the specs listed below. The box is a rebuild from an old Dell desktop. With the Dell I never had this issue, but since going to 7, I've had an issue where the SageTV Windows service will randomly shut down.

Generally what I find is that the box is on and running fine, except the service is off? Its becoming a bigger issue for me as I recently missed some shows :confused: due to the service simply being stopped. The service restarts fine via the Service Control java app.

I'm running the machine in S3 and I have it set such that the network adapter can wake the PC up etc.

Has anyone run into this issue before?

System Specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo - e6750
Gigabyte P35-DS3R
Radeon 9250 PCI (had it laying around..)
Hauppauge PVR250 PCI
Hauppauge PVR350 PCI
120gb boot drive (with the OS and SageTV)
320gb recording drive

Windows XP SP3
Java 1.6.0_21
Standard STV with no mods.
1 HD100 Media Extender

Rico66 10-13-2010 09:20 PM

Is the service crashing (e.g. do you see an error in the event log)?
A couple of months ago I had some problems with the server service crashing. According to the Sage devs this was apparently caused by some wrong EPG related data in one channel.
It could be something similar, but also completely different. I'd recommend that you file a bug.

mechling-burgh 10-14-2010 10:03 AM

I was having problems where sage would come out of sleep and crash the service. This even happened if the kids had started sage and it had been running for a time then it started to record a show. They said try this setting and it did help. Stop sage including sage service, then edit the file.


I would also upgrade to the newest Beta as well and open a bug report with sage.

Grahambo 10-14-2010 06:29 PM

I've submitted a bug report. I haven't found anything out of the ordinary in the Event Log.

Hopefully I can try the value to see if that makes a difference. Just gotta get the kiddo off of Seame Street. :)

I guess worse case I can try the upgrade if I don't hear back from Sage.

traker1001 10-14-2010 09:08 PM

I had this like this, Except the service would crash with no error or warning. This was on a windows 7 64bit system. I was about to post a bug report after fighting with it for a week, When my power supply completely gave out. Once I had replaced the power supply I haven't had the issue since. Sage crashing was the only symptom I ever saw of the PS going bad.

Just a thought.

bug1124 10-15-2010 08:55 AM

I was having a problem with v7 randomly crashing but it turned out to be a hard drive failing. I was receiving SMART errors and even though it was just a recording drive it was enough to some how kill the service. After drive replacement everything was fine again. Not sure if this is applicable in your situation though.

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