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Opus4 03-22-2004 10:02 AM

Solved: How to use another remote with the Hauppauge IR receiver
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First, I would like to thank Kevin (forum name 'ripple') for showing how this could be done.

I finally had time to add functionality to irremote.ini to use another remote and extend the number of buttons you can use, as mentioned in the thread titled: Hauppauge Remote. I mentioned buying an MX-500 in that thread, but I decided on the MX-700 instead. It was a bit of a pain to get the MX-700 to send the correct RC5 style codes (long story about the MX-700 not being able to fully learn both versions of RC5 codes that use a toggle bit), but the attached file contains the modified irremote.ini and the exported MXEditor devices to achieve this. The MX-700 layout contains practically every command you could use to control SageTV, though I left some of the irremote.ini key assignments blank for the commands I don't use, such as DVD control. I defined about 61 buttons; the other non-used commands listed in SageTV are mostly duplicates. You can easily modify the key layout in MXEditor or edit irremote.ini to define the keys as you use them in SageTV.

Since I did not buy the MX-500, I also did not buy the JP1 compatible remote that I mentioned in that other thread. If you have one, you could buy/make a JP1 cable & then create a device upgrade containing any RC5 codes you want. You can view the modified irremote.ini I've attached to see what changes to make for any codes you might add. I looked into the JP1 solution before buying the MX-700 & it wasn't that difficult to work with the JP1 tools... it just takes a little time to get used to it.

The JP1 solution is cheaper and probably easier since it can be programmed with any RC5 codes you want. The advantage of the MX-700 is the ability to label many of the buttons so it is easy to remember what they do. I believe the Pronto remotes can be programmed properly with any RC5 codes, so they should be easy to use with the Hauppauge receiver too.

Now to get used to using my MX-700... :)

NOTE FOR IMPORTING THE MX-700 DEVICES: In the MX-700 Editor, only after the 3 dummy devices have been imported can you then import the SAGE device. When that import process is started, a "Device Assign" dialog will be shown. Select one of the devices in the "Used External Devices" list and assign it to the same device name in the "Assign Devices To" pull-down list. For Example: for the "Used External Devices" device CD107, select "CD107 [107] PHILIPS" from the "Assign Devices To" pull-down list.

- Andy

Edit: Need help modifying irremote.ini? See: Instructions for extending irremote.ini

Edit: Want to control SageTV, even when it doesn't have focus? See:
How to control SageTV w/o focus (Hauppauge or other remotes)

Edit: I noticed that Home Theater now includes built-in device codes for both the old 34-button & new 45-button Hauppauge remotes. So, you don't really need to use my MX-700 configuration data unless you want to have more buttons/codes available to control other applications.

Opus4 03-27-2004 09:54 AM

How to program your JP1 remote for SageTV
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I've gotten a couple questions about using a JP1 remote (obviously not in this thread ;) ), so rather than just reply privately, I'm attaching a tutorial for getting started using JP1 to create an upgrade for a remote that can be used to control SageTV, still using the Hauppauge IR receiver. Actually, the upgrade wouldn't _have_ to be used with that receiver -- one question for something like the usb-uirt is: "OK, I've got a remote, now what device code do I use in my universal remote?" The answer is usually: "Just choose one that doesn't conflict with your other equipment & teach the codes to SageTV/Girder/etc." The only problem is that, very often, not all the buttons are assigned codes when you pick some device code. By creating your own device upgrade, you can choose nearly any IR protocol that won't interfere with your other equipment & you can assign codes to every button quite easily.

The purpose of my instructions is to succinctly list just those steps needed to create an upgrade to replace & extend the silver Hauppauge remote. (Me? Succinct?!? hah! :rolleyes2 ) The JP1 software can do a lot more than that, so it can take a while to wade through all the documentation to realize that most of it doesn't apply to what needs to be done to accomplish this fairly simple task.

Reading these posts closely, you may notice that I, um, don't actually have a JP1 remote, since I returned the one I bought... (What the... !? You mean you haven't done this?? :eek2: ) That's true, but I learned to use the software, thinking that I would be using such a remote. So, the _only_ step I have not done is to connect a remote to my PC and load the upgrade into it. I realize that is a very important step (!) for final testing, so if anyone who uses JP1 notices an error in my instructions, please tell everyone here. I figured it was better to get the basics posted, even if they perhaps needed corrections later, rather than have no instructions listed at all.

I believe that only leaves the queston of how to configure a Pronto to replace the Hauppauge remote... if you've got a Pronto & have used ProntoEdit, I think it is quite obvious how to accomplish that, since you can directly assign any RC5 code you want to any button.

So, which remote is best for this type of modification? That depends on your priorities:

Cost: inexpensive, under $50 for remote + cable
Note: you are stuck with the preprinted button labels & have to remember what something like "L1" does for each of your different devices.

Cost: high; near $200 from authorized reseller (with warranty), much lower on ebay/etc, but there may be no warranty.
Note: Some buttons can be labeled on the LCD screen, making it much easier to remember what all the functionality is. Of course, you only have a 5 character label. It would be a pain to reprogram it to replace the Hauppauge remote, except that work is already done for you. (above)

Cost: high; ranges from mid-$200s up to several hunderd $$.
Note: Program and label as you see fit. If you can't remember what a button does, it is your fault. (I've only looked at the Pronto software, not the actual remote... does that thing even come with any devices/layouts preprogrammed into it??)

(Sorry for such a long post... I think I need to take an editing class!)

- Andy

Edit: I've changed the attachment since I updated the instructions & moved step 11 (key/command assignment in SageTV) to be the first step.

ToonGal 03-28-2004 01:43 AM

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Wish I had noticed / read this thread last week... Having browsed about for remote capabilities, I'm well on the path to what you are describing in your article(s). This is a status update for where I am currently.

- PVR-250 with IR receiver and silver remote
- Radio Shack remote, model 15-2117

First thing I had to do was reorganize the Irremote.ini file, such that each listing was consistant. I've reformatted only the complete parts so far. I'll update it further as I add on programs.

Second step was to try three different Philips remote codes: TV, VCR, and CD. I decided that since I've read a lot about Philips' remotes conflicting with Hauppauge's codes, I figured that would be a good place to start. General success, as you can tell from the Irremote.ini file. The TV one was almost perfect.

Next step will be integrating them into my programs. It's late, and I decided to document before I go to bed instead of pushing on further. Initial tests to SageTV seemed to work fine.

I plan on ordering a JP1 cable, probably an "ultra" version, so it is compatible on my laptop (an issue, I've read), although the urgency is not as obvious as before. Since the TV code was so thorough, most Hauppauge buttons can be replaced. I think I'm going to JP1 it anyway, to optimize those unique buttons that are double mapped on the remote.

Further updates as they come, since I have the JP1 remote, and plan on travelling on the path Opus4 coincidentally documented. Here's the Irremote.ini file:

Opus4 03-28-2004 08:26 AM


Originally posted by ToonGal
Since the TV code was so thorough, most Hauppauge buttons can be replaced. I think I'm going to JP1 it anyway, to optimize those unique buttons that are double mapped on the remote.
JP1 will help clear all that up & you'll never have to worry about conflicting with a Philips TV (should you ever buy one), if you change the RC5 system code that you use when you get that JP1 cable.

However, it is a good point that this method can be used with a universal remote that can't be programmed with entirely new codes -- try out your Philips device codes & use the Hauppauge IR receiver along with Debug.txt loaded into Notepad to see what codes it is sending. For a device other than a TV (which usually uses system 0), you may have to do some work to find out which RC5 system ID the remote is using, but it will work. Using a device code for something like a Philips VCR may work better, since it uses FF/Rew/Play/etc.

Also, please note that I've changed the attachment to the original JP1 post, but only slightly -- Kevin (ripple) was kind enough to review it for me last night & suggested that I had step 11 in the wrong place -- step 11 was where I suggested assigning keys to the SageTV commands you will be using with a new remote. Like he told me, though: that really is best to do first, so you know which commands to assign to the remote's buttons! (oops.) But the JP1 steps were fine, so those steps didn't change.

- Andy

ToonGal 03-28-2004 04:14 PM

Two items:

1) Which JP1 should I get, regular or ultra? And any real difference from Hovis to Filebug for quality in buying one? My technical skills are more s/w than h/w, so not bringing out the soldering iron to build one myself... :)

2) My Comcast cable box remote (the new one, silver) is a model URC-1067BG0 and has a JP1 jumper block. Anybody ever reprogram one of these? While I like the Radio Shack 8-in-1 I bought, it is $30, and the Comcast one is already paid for...

Thanks for any help gang!

davey_fl 03-28-2004 08:34 PM

I built my own JP1 cable and reprogrammed my remote - it was very easy. Mine was a motorola cable box remote, very much like the comcast...

Opus4 03-31-2004 12:18 AM

ToonGal: I think you got your question about that remote answered on the JP1 forum. I don't know which cable is 'best', but at those stores I listed, you can buy the 8811 w/a cable for about $36 + shipping. The JP1 forum also lists other places to buy the remotes/cables & could probably also answer whether one cable is better than another. (Should you decide you can't work with the remote you've got.)

- Andy

ripple 04-02-2004 12:01 PM


Originally posted by ToonGal
Two items:

1) Which JP1 should I get, regular or ultra? And any real difference from Hovis to Filebug for quality in buying one? My technical skills are more s/w than h/w, so not bringing out the soldering iron to build one myself... :)

2) My Comcast cable box remote (the new one, silver) is a model URC-1067BG0 and has a JP1 jumper block. Anybody ever reprogram one of these? While I like the Radio Shack 8-in-1 I bought, it is $30, and the Comcast one is already paid for...

Thanks for any help gang!

Like Opus4 said, sellers like BlueDo have remote+cable packages where the price of cable only runs you about $13. For that price it never made sense to me to build my own. I actually bought mine from filebug and its perfect. One advantage I like about the JP1 route is that you can get a cheap JP1 remote for every room in your house and tailor every button on the darn thing the way *you* want in that particular room. Universals are close but in my experience they always missed some button or feature I needed for full functionality.

I have my URC-8910 set up to control every Sage feature under one device and then all of the Sage DVD functions under a DVD device. This gives me access to everything and the remote button functions are intuitive - great for the WAF (or HAF;)). My irremote.ini has nearly all of the 64 possible button codes mapped to Sage keyboard commands.

2) There are enough JP1 addicts on the JP1 forum that somebody must have run across it. Post a question on that forum and somebody will help you out. If it has a JP1 block, I have no doubt that it'll work. IMHO you should still buy another JP1 remote so you can play around and test things without prying the main remote out of someone's fingers :).

Have fun!

ToonGal 04-02-2004 09:33 PM

@Opus, ripple:
Bought the URC-8810w (Walmart, $20, thanks Opus) to replace the RS15-2117 (Radio Shack, $30, returning Monday) and sent a paypal to "Hovis Direct" (although haven't heard ANY response in 3+ days yet).

The URC-1067BG0 is an "extra" remote, as I ditched digital cable, but got to keep the remote. It HAS a JP1 block, but early word says it won't work because it is a different JP1 standard. Too bad, because this remote is so ergonomically great, and has the perfect set of buttons to configure.

I like the OFA's buttons, and plan on maximizing the total # of buttons it has for all my peripherals. Hope Hovis responds soon so I can get started.

Thanks for the help gang. Will update w/ my own irremote.ini file again once I have it all in-house. :)

ToonGal 04-13-2004 04:06 AM

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URC-8810w is the remote of the day. I love it. Cheap and loads of buttons. Returned the RS15-2117 to save the ~$10. My extra Comcast URC-1067BG0 is JP1.1 and not useful.

Finally got all the parts together and finished the JP1 cable. Working fine. Got the remote set up over the weekend, finished my initial prototype for my Universal remote, and integrated it into my rewritten Irremote.ini. Reformatted in order to maintain it easier; I don't know why Hauppauge makes that file so unorganized / unreadable.

Added some of the OFA buttons to Sage. Now just need to fine tune all the extra buttons I'm not yet using. Hopefully, this is useful to someone who is, or is thinking about, using JP1. Really wasn't that hard, using IR.exe (remote control manager) and RM (to establish the codes). I've never had a remote which could manage my 20 year old JC Penney TV, my 17 year old RCA VCR (VCR1 and VCR2, took some time), CD/DVD/Recvr/etc., and THEN all the buttons I could ever want for Sage. I'm sure that Theater Master / Harmony / et. al. are terrific, but for those of us on the cheap, my $20 remote and ~$8.75 cable are serving me well.

Comments / critique welcomed. I have to start installing / using my DVD / frontend software on this new computer, so I haven't integrated everything yet.

kny3twalker 04-23-2004 10:17 PM

I just received my Dell Notebook and it came with this remote
well actually I received the remote a few days ago and I have to go pick up the notebook tomorrow
I have already purchased a client edition and am going to run beta on it
But I figure I am going to need some help with this remote
I was just wondering if anyone is using it or would know how to get it to work with SageClient
spec of notebook at the bottom
after the desktop specs

kny3twalker 04-24-2004 03:38 AM

bump, getting my laptop tomorrow

kny3twalker 04-25-2004 01:55 AM

no really this remote came with no software
just a usb ir receiver
It seems to do something with powerDVD application but I have no clue where to go from there
Should I look at girder for a solution
I have never used it but I am willing to learn this is for my client
anyone what to give me some assistance, please

Opus4 04-25-2004 07:58 AM

There doesn't seem to be much documentation at that site, either, does there? Does CyberLink have anything more to say about it if you email them?

I thought I had seen that remote mentioned around here before, but I didn't find it by searching. You might want to try creating a whole new thread with the cyberlink remote as part of the title, since it isn't used with a hauppauge receiver on the laptop & some people who know about that remote may not read this thread since it doesn't apply to them -- you might get more readers that way.

- Andy

kny3twalker 04-25-2004 03:46 PM

I will try emailing them, have posted at girder but am clueless where to begin
and will start a new topic

RedCoat999 07-15-2004 06:15 AM

Thanks for the help files. I have programmed my URC8811 following your instructions. I am using the IRman by the way. When it comes to linking remote codes to the commands in Sage through the Sage setup menu, it get a couple of codes that Sage doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between.

Is there a relatively simple and quick way to make these couple of codes totally radically different than the other codes in the list on my remote for this device using the RemoteMaster program and/or IR5xx program?


Opus4 07-15-2004 09:29 AM

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the IRman nor with how SageTV recognizes IR codes. Are you using the RC5 protocol? If so, do you mean that you have 2 separate RC5 system+command code combos that it is not distinguishing between? Please provide details of which codes are being treated as the same.

You could always try using a different protocol. My instructions used RC5, since I was dealing with the Hauppauge IR receiver & that is the only protocol it can decode.

- Andy

RedCoat999 07-15-2004 10:57 AM

I don't know!

I have no clue as to whats what and what different protocols are. The IRman is just a IR receiver, and Sage picks up the codes it spits out. I just want a code/protocol that gives me plenty of different codes to choose amongst. Maybe the 0-63 is not enough

Opus4 07-15-2004 11:16 AM

Well... you said that you followed the directions I gave for JP1, so what system code value did you choose & what is the command code you assigned to the 2 buttons that it doesn't distinguish between?

- Andy

RedCoat999 07-15-2004 11:32 AM

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I went through entering from 0 and up in the OBC column, and it changes the numbers and seems to be assigning the same numbers in some cases. I have attached a screenshot. In this case the "2" and "Select" would be seen by SageTV as having the same code. Should I be using more than one device number and using up to 127 instead of 63 maybe?

This bit is from the website of the IRman:
Q: Which remotes does Irman support?
A: We tested Irman with more then 40 remotes, Sony, Philips, JVC, etc. they all worked. Irman has built in support for almost every ir remote standard. The only remotes which we think that are not compatible are from B&O, they use a very rare standard, and are therefore probably not compatible with Irman. However, the vast majority of remotes (over 95%) does use a supported standard and is therefore compatible with Irman.

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