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donhak 03-12-2013 12:05 AM

Strange ir blaster problem
I recently bought a Hauppauge Colossus, which proved unreliable and ended up exchanging it for a PVR 2. After a lot of work, it is working with Sage with a good picture, but I still have one problem.

I have two Ir Blasters which exhibit the same problem. I have an MCE EHome receiver and blaster. I have used the receiver for years but did not have use for the blaster for now. I now have the blaster setup with LM Remote. When I test it in LM Remote, it switches channels reliably every time. When I have Sage send commands through the LM Remote plugin, it has a habit of dropping the first digit. When first entering Sage the first tuning command will usually work, but after that only one out of ten will correctly work, although doing a channel up and back down will usually tune it to the back to the intended channel. Re-positioning the blaster LED does not help. If I change the settings in LM Remote, I confirm that the tuner config updates in RemoteCodes.

The same happens with the Hauppauge Blaster. When setup and WinTV7 setup, it works perfectly with Blast Config, and WinTV7, but exhibits the same problems with Sage. I have tried all sorts of delays in the remote configuration is Sage with no success.

I have the last release of SAGE 7 on an up to date Windows 7 32 bit, which is very reliable for recording up to three QAM channels at once through a digital tuners. This acts like there is setting in Sage.Properties that is off for the blasters, but I cannot track it down. The picture is great with low CPU usage when tuned to an HD channel.

donhak 03-14-2013 11:36 PM

Problem possibly solved
I still think timing with the Ir Blasters is not quite the same as when coming Sage versus straight from the plug-ins such as Blast Config for the Hauppauge blaster and LM Remote for the Media Center blaster but part of my problem may be an oddity with the Pace TDC787X HD PVR cable box.

I experimented extensively with the length of the IR blast and delay between button presses in LM Remote working reliably when testing from LM Remote but still unreliable from SageTV. My solution to it frequently dropping the first digit was to program the Enter key, and have LM Remote send it prior to the channel button presses. It appears to wake up the Pace box, which then accepts the channel numbers normally.

The local cable provider originally used Motorola boxes, which had reliable fire wire for channel changing and recording but small storage. When my last one died, I had to take a Pace box, which has larger storage but very poor fire wire, and the model number is not recognized when tied into the fire wire app. That is why I had to go to a blaster.

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