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ptzink 08-10-2010 08:26 PM

Weird Server Issues (v7.0.14)
Hello, I am running v 7.014 of the Server and Client. I am experiencing some major problems with the server. I had the server running fine in this version, then suddenly the client couldn't connect. It hangs at the "SageTV connection is initializing..." message and the Sage log on the server said:

Tue 8/10 21:47:15.759 [SageTVDiscoveryServer@6f513] Server got broadcast packet:
Tue 8/10 21:47:15.759 [SageTVDiscoveryServer@6f513] Server sent back discovery
Tue 8/10 21:47:28.218 [SageTVServer@1f6dc61] SageTV received connection from:Socket[addr=/,port=49225,localport=42024]
Tue 8/10 21:47:30.649 [SageTVServer@1f6dc61] Sending DB to client of size:2147483645
Tue 8/10 21:49:11.212 [Ministry@230be4] Ministry is waiting for 180 sec
Then, I tried to start the GUI on the server and it hangs at the "SageTV service is initializing screen". However, the sagetvservice.exe process is running on the server and is accessible via Jetty apps such as BMT and the web server. Any suggestions on what could be going on? I have had the Beta running fine for several days and now this. Also, this did not correlate to the installation of any plugins that I am aware of.

gplasky 08-11-2010 06:04 AM

Check your firewall and make sure the correct ports are open for Sage. (On server and client)


ptzink 08-11-2010 06:44 AM

@gplasky - Thanks for the reply. Last night after I posted this, I stopped the SageTVservice on the server. Then I changed the “fully_reimport_playlists_every_scan” property in the file from "true" back to "false" (default). It is the only setting I have adjusted recently that I could imagine would be affecting the server behavior (although I am not sure how/why). Then I restarted the SageTVservice. After that, both the server GUI and the client were working fine. So, I am not sure if it is merely the fact that I restarted the service or if it is something about the property I adjusted. I will keep an eye on things and update this thread. If I can get it to repeat the problem by changing the “fully_reimport_playlists_every_scan” back to "true", then I will submit a bug report. Has anyone else messed with this setting? I would love to keep this set to true.

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