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datoney 09-09-2010 02:33 PM

Signal but no audio or Video
Hi guys, I have an issue with my install of SageTV on my IMAC I have gone all the way through the install and Sage sees a whole load of channels, it also shows the signal stregths, however it will not show any video or Audio when I test the channel. I can use the HDhomerun config software to test the signal from the HDHR and it opens in VLS with no prob, I get both Video and Audio. I also get programe data with no problem. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance


Never mind I was able to fix it, I performed another re-install and it worked this time!!!!! No idea why!

reema12 12-10-2010 03:54 AM

This is quite often encountered in Mac that, though the SageTV gets installed but we are unable to play video and audio. As you said that you could fix the problem just by a re-install, I have also encountered this problem many times and fixed it the same way. But I also do not have any idea as to why this occurs and why despite the presence of good signal strength this problem always occurs on Mac.

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