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WellThen 01-22-2017 07:22 PM

Getting IJK player working in Miniclient on FireTV
I have been using the Miniclient 1.2.5 (which is awesome BTW) on a 4K FireTV box purchased over the holidays. From what I understand, IJK is supposed to "just work", where the Exo player is a little more chancy. This is the opposite of my experience - I've never gotten any Video to play when "Use Exoplayer" is unchecked - only audio. Is there some additional configuration I would need to do to get IJK working? I'd like to have it as an alternative for the (very few) recordings that don't play properly in the ExoPlayer.


gexi 01-22-2017 07:58 PM

IJK player used to "just work" until the 5.2.1 and later updates rolled out. My 5.0.4 firetv still runs with it but something in the 5.2.1 update seems to have made it stop working for certain types of video. Some file types work just fine with it (avis for example) but not the ones that sagetv records.

Maybe someone could see what changed here?

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