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Spot 07-12-2019 07:20 AM

Media Extenders disconnect in placeshifter mode
I am using an HD200 to connect to our home from a second location via placeshifter & using the domain name to identify our home server. This is all working well, and it connected fine last year.

This year, we notice that it will connect to the home server & stream for a while....then the screen goes black & we can no longer even access the video. The lights on the HD200 indicate that it is still connected. A quick off/on...cycle will get it back up.....but it will drop off again after a delay.

It is, on average, 20 minutes from connection to loss of video. My internet connection is stable, etc.

I tried a reset of the HD200...same problem. I tried an HD100 I had laying around....same problem.

Are there any suggestions on log entries I should look for?


Spot 10-17-2019 07:17 PM

Update: Apparently this is a local network issue. I do not have any issues from other locations....and I have used the same extenders at other locations without the problems.

I will say that I use a bridged network connection, but I thought Sage could recover from packet loss. I'd be interested in any advice about what to look for via wireshark.

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