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tvmaster2 09-13-2020 11:44 AM

Strange audio anomalies with certain files
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Every now and then, a video file played through the HD300 makes some truly awful audio noises. In the case seen here, it was a DVD rip from what was likely an original PAL DVD. Not sure of the conversion process, but it was still in proper, DVD format (Audio/Video folder, VOB etc.)

Audio plays fine on a PC, or an iPad using AirVideo HD, but when viewed on the HD300, video plays fine, but audio sounds like it is playing at 1/2 speed, with distortion and digital noise included.

Oddly, the audio is IN sync. Miffed. I had another Handbrake .mkv file which had a 23.94 frame rate, and it wouldn't play audio properly within the HD300 unless I changed the HD300's video playback rate to 59.94.

even more miffed. I'm sure it's simple, but if anyone knows, or has experienced the same thing, let me know. Likely some weird, outdated hardware-codec thing from 2011.

See the attached file info for clues...anything in that file which would cause a HD300 hardship?

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