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Revirder 06-30-2020 02:52 PM

Playing ISO files on Media Extender
Long time user of SageTV ver. 7. Installed SageTV Ver. 9.2. 64 bit on another system and everything works great except unable to play ISO files on SageTV HD300 extenders. Keep getting the following error message:

There was a Playback Error in playback. Details:
sage.PlaybackException: ERROR (-3,0x0): There was a problem access the filesystem for playback. Why won't ISO files play?

I did a clean install because old system had spinning circle issues (running out of memory, bloated & Wiz.bin files, etc.). This old (non 64bit version) still plays ISO DVDs and ISO Blurays just fine.

This new 64 bit version is fantastic! I just wish I could get it to play ISO files.

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