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timg11 12-28-2010 03:37 PM

Sleep / Wake issue on server computer for HD300
Since I've installed the HD300, the serving computer (Win 7 - 32) has developed a strange "sleep disorder".

The computer appears to have gone to sleep (the front panel power LED is off), but the power supply and internal fans are still running (I made the system really quiet, so it is not noticeable unless I listen closely). When I press the power switch to wake the computer, nothing happens. I have to unplug the main AC power, and then when plugging it in again, the system does a cold reboot.

Of course all the shows that were supposed to be recorded during the previous hours are missed.

The system log only provides the unhelpful message "The previous system shutdown at 11:28:59 PM on ‎12/‎27/‎2010 was unexpected."

If I put the system to sleep from the start menu, it enters sleep normally, and wakes normally (either from the front panel button or USB-UIRT power command).

Of course, this may not be directly related to the HD300, but that is the only change to the system since the problem appeared.

timg11 12-29-2010 09:38 AM

Further details. As I said before, after rebooting after a crash, I can manually put the system to sleep, and it will sleep normally, and wake normally.

However, I have discovered that after I play video with the HD300, the computer will crash if I manually put it to sleep, or if it goes to sleep on its own.
This is the strange crash mode where the front panel power LED goes off, but the system is still running. It is non-recoverable until power is cycled.

So there is definitely a connection to the HD300.

I turn the HD300 off when I'm done watching shows, so there should not be any open connections on the network.

I posted a poll in the main software forum, and it seems most people keep their Sage computers at full power all the time. I guess I'm not that heavy of a user - combined recording and playback time averages a few hours a day. If the computer uses 100W, I'd prefer to use 0.4KWH of energy for four hours of use, compared to 2.4KWH for always-on.

Does anybody else who owns the HD300 have their serving computer configured to sleep when idle? Even if you don't normally have your system sleep, would you try to put it to sleep manually (from the start menu) after playing the HD300 and see what happens?

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