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davenlr 10-05-2010 05:40 AM

DVB-S in USA...Need advice
I am currently running a TT-S2-3200 card as one of the tuners in my 6.6 sage server. Whenever I edit the Technotrend file to add a transponder to my single dish setup, when I scan files (add or all), it not only doesnt find the new one, but says "0 found" and erased the entire file from the SageTv directory. If I copy the backup file back, the original 2 channels come in (PBS HD east and west).

Another problem is it originally scanned in Oklahoma PBS HD, and added those channels to the file (and the program guide), however, now they just show "No Signal", which is not true, since I can still tune them fine with a high signal using a standalone box on the same LNB.

Im really tired of messing with this command line editing, and scanning. Does v7 of Sage make this easier (like a menu interface?) or is it still dependent on editing files with several settings that may or may not be available for the frequency I want to scan in?

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