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Frustrated Inc 02-20-2011 03:08 PM

HD200 Not playing Mapped Netowrk content
I'm running STV v7 with an HD200 wired connection. I have 2 PC's one w/ file storage and other PC has sageTV7 installed with all folders network access from server.
When HD200 is in stand alone mode, the HD200 is not seeing the shared folders on the networked server PC(file storage only no software except Win7 OS).

When I run the "service control" the HD200 connects as client just fine and is seeing the mapped network folders but it won't play the content even though it shows the words "Now Playing" when I play the file. But, there is nothing actually playing and there is no indication that it anything is playing (with the little counter and play,stop,pause,etc buttons on the GUI) .

Also, when "service control" is activated and I launch the SageTV app right on the same PC the app. acts like the HD200 and shows all mapped folders and content but not actually playing. Again no GUI showing it playing.

If I turn off "service control" the app works perfectly and plays all mapped folder content with the GUI controls:bang:

joshuad156 03-10-2011 04:30 PM

2 things to suggest.

1) If you have SageTV setup to use network shares, you need to change the SageTV service to use a local account, instead of localsystem account. localsystem account is used by default and has no access to network shares (unless you turn on Guest sharing, which I would say don't do it!)

2) If you are running the server on Win7 and are having trouble accessing video shares there, check your System event log for memory cache errors. I had this issue myself and the registry fix cleared it right up.

I hope this helps!

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