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Opus4 01-11-2007 01:13 PM

Special note about version 5 licenses from PCAlchemy
As stated elsewhere, SageTV version 6 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased version 5, but for anyone who purchased a SageTV version 5 license from PCAlchemy and is having problems with the version 6 upgrade installation accepting the v5 license, please note:

Originally Posted by Narflex
PCAlchemy Keys Issued 4/25/2006 to 9/18/2006:

The SageTV 5 Media Center keys issued by PCAlchemy between 4/25/2006 and 9/18/2006 require a special SageTV 5 Upgrade Key to work with SageTV 6 Media Center, please contact for a free SageTV 5 Upgrade Key.

It has been brought to my attention that some of PCAlchemy's customers are angrily blaming them for this license problem; however, PCAlchemy was simply selling the license keys as provided to them by SageTV, who mistakenly provided the wrong licenses for PCAlchemy's v5 sales during the time period shown above.

The reason their customers need to contact PCAlchemy for the free key upgrade is that PCAlchemy tracks their own sales and therefore they are the ones who are able to confirm whether a key needs replacement.

This license issue is easily resolved by simply contacting PCAlchemy at the email address listed above, or via their contact page.

SageTV extends an apology to everyone affected by the mistakenly issued licenses.

- Andy

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