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DaiTengu 06-22-2010 08:16 PM

External / Standalone Recording compression / conversion.
Hey all,

I've been running SageTV for many years now on one machine or another. During that time I've managed to collect many, many terabytes of videos, music, movies, etc. on multiple machines in my house. Over the last few weeks I started working on getting an old 3u Dual Opteron server working again (with a 5-disk 15.4k RAID 5 SCSI array as the main drive) for Windows Home Server.

I'm finally done with it. It now has 12 drives in it (with room for 3-4 more), with about 10TB of space total (everything is duplicated except for recorded TV).

My sage-box records data between it's local drive, and the Recorded TV directory on the WHS machine. I'd eventually like to have it record to one or the other alone. So far it's had no issues recording 3 tuners to the WHS machine with high quality enabled (one channel was in HD).

So, down to my question. I'd like to save what little processing power I have on my Sage box for encoding and playback. I want to offload other tasks such as file compression & conversion to WHS. I cannot put the TV tuners in my WHS box for a variety of reasons, not just limited to the lack of proper slots for them.

Is there currently a way to manually encode/compress recorded shows on one machine, yet still have SageTV recognize it as something it recorded?

I've been doing a lot of searching and reading, but haven't really found anything like this leading me to believe I'm out of my mind for wanting to do this, or that it's just not possible. While people have been questioning my sanity for many years (see: the WHS box I just built), I'd prefer to do the improbable than try to do the impossible.

Edit: I'm not looking for a :words: howto, If someone has some good information, just post links. I'm capable of reading and figuring stuff out on my own.

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