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Telecore 10-20-2020 06:29 PM

Miniclient Playback Aspect Ratio
I was wondering if someone could advise me regarding the miniclient playback settings to get some DVD rips to play back with the proper aspect ratio. The source material in handbrake says "Display Size 853x426", "PAR 32x27", "Source 720x480" but the dimensions indicate "720x426". In any event, after handbrake encoding to a .mkv, when I play back, it requires me to select the "stretch" mode to make the video look better, as initially it is playing back in a 4x3 window. Technically, I believe that even in stretch mode, the video is still a bit distorted. I think it should be a 1.69 AR. Is there some way of setting up a precise Custom AR for this case? After a decade of SageTV use, I finally noticed the Custom AR settings but they don't make sense. The video does play back with the proper AR on my PC when I use VLC. I am encoding using HEVC-10 (x265). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Telecore 10-21-2020 08:41 AM

I guess I'll answer my own question here - the DVD source material had a non-standard aspect ratio - encoding with handbrake defaults crops off the black bars that were above and below the picture - upon playback, the picture is vertically stretched so that there are no black bars above/below - selecting the stretch AR in SageTV does not completely fix this because it does not add the black bars back in above and below, it only stretches horizontally - so the solution for now is to not crop the black bars when encoding in handbrake

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