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jorton 03-26-2011 10:42 AM

Diamond Support Reminders
1. Before posting an issue please have a quick read of the FAQ, the Wiki and skim the issue log to see if it has already been logged. A lot of work has been put into the Wiki and it is the best place to see a listing of features.


Wiki -

Issue Log -

2. Verify you are using the correct Sagetv version for the Diamond Release. i.e. for Diamond 3.30 you should be using Sagetv 7.1.5. Also it's a good idea to use the latest Diamond version as your issue may already be fixed ;)

3. If you are running plugins other than the Diamond UI Mod, Playon or Comskip/Commercial Detetor please disable them as we have not necessarily tested them with Diamond and can't guarantee that they will work. It's really hard to help troubleshoot when there are unknowns in the equation.

4. Please send screen shots of the issue you are seeing. Putting some of these issues into words can sometimes be quite difficult and images really help even if it's from a camera phone etc.

5. Please remember to give us some details about the hardware your are are seeing the issue on (HD100, HD200, HD300, PC Client etc) or anything else that can help like operating system (XP, Win7, Linux...) and CPU/Ram. Not everyone puts this info in thier forum signature so it means we have to ask and wait for a reply.

6. Once an issue has been confirmed by the Diamond Team please log the issue,

Issue Log -

7. If you would like to make an Enhancement Request for review please log it on the above issue list and label as "enhancement".

8. Reminder - We all do this work/support as a hobby and a lot of times work and family take priority so there may be delays in us getting the time to investigate and post replies, be patient ;)


Team Diamond

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