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nateziemann 06-03-2015 01:13 PM

HD300 UI synced even after property deletion
added a second HD300, flashed and formatted it. When I connected it to my sage server for the first time, it came up with the same Diamond UI as my first extender. When I change UI settings (movie views or anything really) on either extender, the same settings show up on both. Like they are sync'd. I even shut everything down (server/service & extenders) and deleted all files in the /client directory (property and autobackup files for all extenders). When restarting, the same Diamond UI comes back, like it's cached somewhere else as well. And this UI is different then my server so it's not syncing from there.

Can someone explain why this is happening and how I can customize two extenders so they have different UIs.

nateziemann 06-03-2015 01:32 PM

how to setup Diamond for mulitiple extenders
While I see this forum has not been active for sometime, I still like Diamond over the complexities of Gemstone. Hoping someone sees and responds here. Much appreciated.

Can someone point me to how to setup Diamond UI for multiple extenders, where each extender has it's own custom views? I want to do some custom filtering on one added in the kids playroom. When I recently added a 2nd extender and connected to the sage server, it automatically picked up the same Diamond UI as my first extender, even after format and flash. Any Diamond changes to one syncs to the other extender. Even deleting the /client files w/ server stopped results in extenders getting back the same Diamond UI.

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