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chairmanmao 11-30-2017 05:47 PM

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Problems?
Is anyone else running into problems with a previously-working Sage TV installation under Windows 10, after upgrading to the Fall Creator's Update?

My system refused to wake up from sleep mode to do recordings. Yet there are no error messages in the diagnostic logs about problems in the regard (i.e., no messages that Sage wasn't able to set a wake timer, which according to the Sage source code would've been generated if setting the timer had failed).

This wasn't a problem, ever, for me in all the years I've run Sage under Windows, going all the way back to XP and version 4, I think. So I figure it's some problem Microsoft just introduced.

Anyway, any other problems with Fall Creator's Update? Inquiring minds want to know!

jarredduq 12-01-2017 11:09 AM

So far mine has been running okay after the update 2 weeks ago. I wish I could be of help to you. Now the previous creators update was a nightmare and I had to roll back to the previous version until they got the bugs out.

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