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Slugger 09-24-2009 07:59 AM

Sage Job Queue (SJQ) new release notifications
Release notifications (and release notifications only) for SJQ will now be made in this thread. Feel free to subscribe to receive notification of new releases.

Only official releases will be posted in this thread. Snapshot builds will not be mentioned other than in the SJQ support thread, but only if the snapshot build contains a significant change that users should be made aware of immediately. Regular development snapshots will not be mentioned, but those interested in knowing anytime a new snapshot is made available may wish to subscribe to one of the project RSS feeds.

Slugger 09-24-2009 08:58 AM

SJQ v2.1.5 released

24 Sep 2009: SJQ v2.1.5 has been released and is available for download at the Google Code project site.

This is the final scheduled release in the SJQ v2.x stream as work has now begun on SJQ v3. Only major bugs identified in the 2.x stream will be fixed from here on out.

Key Server Changes in v2.1.5
  • Issue 67: Add new test: MediaFileEncoding
  • Fixed bug where browser would not prompt to save SJQ password at login (fix appears to work on FF only)
  • Fixed bug in IsVideo test where tv recordings were incorrectly being identified as imported videos
  • Fixed bug in IsVideo test where some devices would be considered video objects by SageTV, but shouldn't be considered video objects by SJQ
  • Issue 73: "Vacuum" the db file once a week (recover unused disk space)
  • Fix NPE in getVars()
  • Add support for GWT debug builds
  • Drop SSL only builds (see user guide for details on how to force SSL only for those who still want it)
  • Use JNI libs for SVN (build perf boost); do local builds in JRE 1.5 mode
  • Add server side Version object (won't be needed when move to GWT 1.7 is done)
  • Properly identify as SJQ in HTTP User Agent header
  • Issue 79: Add new test: PhysicalFileCount
  • Support short circuiting out of test blocks (ground work for SJQ v3)

Key Task Client Changes in v2.1.5
  • Properly identify as SJQc in HTTP user agent header
  • Fix bug in Linux launcher script where the line endings were in Windows format causing the bash script not to work properly

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release.

Slugger 12-16-2009 08:44 AM

SJQ v3.0.0 Available
SJQv3 (server client is now available. The changes, updates, bug fixes, and new features included in SJQv3 vs. SJQv2 are too numerous to try and list here. Have a look at the "changes" file in the zip package for a complete log of all changes included in SJQv3 and also read over the introduction in the SJQv3 User's Guide for further details.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to SJQv3 as support for all older versions of SJQ has ceased.

Slugger 12-17-2009 09:59 AM

SJQ v3.0.1 Available
Official v3.0.1 Builds Released

17 Dec 2009: The official server and task client builds for SJQ v3.0.1 are now available for download in the project downloads section. This is a bug fix release that fixes a major bug with the DataStore pool manager. Under certain circumstances, worker threads can go to sleep forever and never perform their assigned tasks. All users are encouraged to upgrade to v3.0.1 immediately!

Server Fixes

Fix issue 104 : Properly track and replenish DataStore connections that time out; fix starvation bug with threads seeking exclusive DataStore connections

Task Client Fixes

There were no changes to the task client in this release; upgrading from v3.0.0.694 is not required, but the task client has been rebuilt with an updated version number to match the server for those who wish to keep their SJQ components in sync.

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