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voidpt 10-21-2012 12:29 PM

Java SE7 Favorite limit day problem (vs Java SE6)
Working to get my SageTV server install up to same level as before after a hardware refresh. Found one problem that has made me go for Java SE 1.6.0 (Update 37), instead of 1.7.0 (Update 09). A little annoying, as its the only problem I have found up until now. Wanted to run 1.7.0.

Problem goes like this with 1.7.0 on server (1.6.0 works fine). If I try to use Limit to Day(s): functionality on a favorite, even if only one, get the following message:
"The setting for this Favorite was not changed because the resulting Favorite would be identical to another Favorite and identical Favorites are not allowed."

Another difference visually. With 1.7.0, looks like this (Monday 7PM):
With 1.6.0 (mandag 19:00):

I do use the 24 Hour Clock plug-in. Have tried without, do not look like it has any part of this behavior.

Have OS installed with English UI with Norwegian localization/keyboard. Have not tried to dig really deep by trying to problemsolve other possible factors than just Java SE 1.6.0 vs 1.7.0. Looks like there are differences on how localization is done with the different Java versions.

For now, just wanted to put it up if others have same problem. Especially if a better solution exists :)

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