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rickybee 01-06-2016 12:11 PM

IR not pressing enter after channel change
I just moved and Comcast in their infinite wisdom gave me a new STB which I cannot get working with my Hauppauge IR blaster. Anyway, I switched gears and am trying my USBUIRT to control this one. I found some software called LM Remote Keymap from Gestion which is 95% working. I am soooo close.
I have 'learned' and from the LM Keymap software all keys 0-9, direction and select are working. I can enter a channel number and the STB changes just fine. The part I'm stuck on is when SageTV changes the channel, the numbers get transmitted fine but there's no 'enter' to confirm.
I found the option for 'Channel Change Confirm Code' in the Source Setup but the list of options is blank. If I try to learn a new command I get a message that there was an error learning the code, even before pressing anything on the remote.
Any help would be appreciated :bang:

** update ** well that was simple, I rebooted SageTV and now it is working.

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