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benjatelcom 10-29-2013 09:38 PM

SageTV SHUTDOWN is activating!
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Greetings all,

SageTV7 was running reliably until tonight when I started using the web interface while kiddo was watching the yellow sponge show. The HD300 clients disconnect, and software clients disconnect, the SageTV task just ends with no warnings.

About a week ago I updated Java from 6.22 to 7 with no ill effects.

Disabled all plugins at the Load_at_startup statement in the file.

I disconnected all extenders, and restart SageTV as a service or application and it repeatedly shuts down with the error below.

Enabled logging and see a pretty normal startup, a pause and then:

Tue 10/29 21:40:08.373 [Thread-44@18f7bca] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9278]]: Starting a player on socket 9278
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.373 [SageTV@b950d1] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9279]]: TCPServerPlayer: null, port = 9279,ip =
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.374 [SageTV@b950d1] [[SageTCPServer]]: Starting client
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.374 [Thread-45@171de0d] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9279]]: Starting a player on socket 9279
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.374 [SageTV@b950d1] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9279]]: TCPServerPlayer: null, port = 9279,ip =
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.375 [SageTV@b950d1] [[SageTCPServer]]: Subscribing to events
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.376 [Thread-46@eba8a0] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9279]]: Starting a player on socket 9279
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.377 [Thread-46@eba8a0] [[SageTCPServer-Player:9279]]: EXCEPTION Address already in use: JVM_Bind AT Method)

Tue 10/29 21:40:08.378 [Thread-46@eba8a0] Source)

Tue 10/29 21:40:08.378 [Thread-46@eba8a0] Source)

Tue 10/29 21:40:08.379 [SageTV Shutdown@1c55e69] SageTV SHUTDOWN is activating!
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.380 [Shutdown@17ab3f0] ::INFO: Shutdown hook executing
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.380 [Shutdown@17ab3f0] ::INFO: Graceful shutdown SelectChannelConnector@
Tue 10/29 21:40:08.386 [AWT-EventQueue-0@1179316] Sage.exit() called.

Any idea what these errors mean? I've tried searching for these errors and come up with nothing useful yet.

panteragstk 10-29-2013 10:10 PM

Looks like something with your network. Maybe turn off everything sage related including the server. Then turn the server on alone and see what that gets you.

I see that you said disconnected the extenders, but maybe you have them set to a reserve IP in your router? Something odd is going on for sure.

Fuzzy 10-30-2013 03:43 AM

Looking at the log, what's happening is SageTCPServer is throwing an exception that isn't handled, which knocks down the sagetv process. What I'm not seeing from the log is WHY SageTCPServer seems to be opening up a socket for every device on your network. The actual exception is it trying to bind to port 9279 twice. You need to track down WHY SageTCPServer is opening so many ports, or disable SageTCPServer (which is used for tiSage, taSage, and CQC integration as far as I know).

benjatelcom 10-30-2013 08:40 AM

Disabled SageTCP and it doesn't crash any more. I do use TiSage but with low frequency since some remote access products seem to work better.

I removed SageTCP and reinstalled it and the same issue occurs again.

Are these adding players messages normal for SageTCP server? There shouldn't be any clients active, but I am thinking that this isn't what it means by players.

Thanks for advice on disabling TCP server... immediate crisis resolved.

Fuzzy 10-30-2013 12:49 PM

I'd ask Forceur over in the SageTCPServer thread. The fact that you have a repeatable condition should make him interested in using it to track down whatever bug is causing this. (There have been reports previously on somewhat similar behavior, I can see, by skimming the thread).

Gustovier 11-02-2013 01:36 PM

Looks like I'm getting the same thing all of a sudden

edit: I had exact same problem, as mentioned in the thread fuzzy gave reference too, it was due to a newer hd300 I put on the network that I didnt assign a static IP. I removed references to entry that had the port in conflict in the and all was well.

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